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K-12 Education

Immersive educational experiences, improve children’s engagement with learning, inspire creativity and help students develop higher critical thinking skills

Higher Education

Hands-on learning experiences enabling faster comprehension of concepts and a collaborative learning environment

Workforce Training

Expedited on-job-training using interactive environments Improved productivity, teamwork and collaboration

Global Alliances, Affiliations & Partners 

Munfarid and MEL Science Strike a Deal to Promote Immersive Learning in the Region

Famous for its biggest Virtual Reality program for schools in the Middle East, Munfarid formally announced the partnership between their Virtual Reality program VRXOne and MEL Science for immersive learning.  VRXOne is an immersive educational platform that takes the...

VR News: VRXOne Featured at Google IO 2018, Read Full Story

The Google IO 2018 consummated last week where benefits of intelligent technologies were trumpeted in the best way possible. With over 7,000 developers present, the program was also live-streamed by millions of people in different time zones who were eyeing over the...

Google Summit at Kent College, Dubai Focusses on ‘Learn by Doing’

Apps Events, Dubai on Friday (May 11) and Saturday (May 12) welcomed educators, leaders and IT, administrators, to engage in a thoughtful conversation on the latest developments and updates pertaining to education at Google Summit. The session held at the Kent...

A Sneak Peek Into the UAE Innovation Month 2018

As the start-up drive proliferates in the Middle East, government and citizens come together to magnify tech growth with an emphasis on community betterment.   The United Arab Emirates, in an attempt to shape the nation's future, has shown a keen desire to instill...

UAE Innovation month, 1000+ Activities Lined Up

A few years ago, a session of World Economic Forum commenced with a declaration. The declaration was a “New Era of 'Talentism', which stated that human imagination and innovation are the driving forces behind economies”.   Imagine this scenario. Every school across...

Unlimited Learning Opportunities

With the rapid advancement in technology, it is crucial to have an innovation advisor on your side. When it’s time to strategize a new vision, our team provides our clients with key innovative solutions through right guidance, design thinking and analytical rationale helping to realize their vision and sustain the momentum of continuous progress into the future through a highly customized, process-driven approach

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