Virtual Reality Experience for the Disabled

Virtual Reality Experience for the Disabled

Disability can not define the flair of a person. Neither can an able-bodied person be entitled to some super powers. Disability is an added benefit to people who endeavour to break through the loopholes of judgement and society perceptions. Ability holds greater importance than disability and should not be treated as ‘inability! At Munfarid, we educate our clients and introduce them to the world which knows no barriers, no boundaries. Working beyond our customer’s’ expectations, we have worked rocklike to revamp the education and development of disabled individuals.


Giving a 3-Dimensional experience of the world that you can’t reach out to, Munfarid believes in a holistic approach to servicing your needs in a tailor-made manner. With head-mounted displays, the users can experience the far off phenomenon in real. Enjoying the exotic view at the top of the 828 m of Burj Khalifa is great, but for someone who can not travel that far and is pulled down to a wheelchair, virtual reality is the intricate need that was missing. A person can mount the head gear and feel the aura at the top of the world’s largest building. Virtual reality was a source of entertainment, but its validity did not stop there. Researchers of the world and the Edutainment providers at Munfarid entrench that this revolutionary technology can aid the necessitous beings.


Virtual reality has been helpful to the brave souls dealing with autism. For people finding it difficult to interact, virtual reality is the world competent on its own. Physicians claim that a regular VR exercise can help these individuals to exhibit stupendous headway towards leading a normal life. Disability of legs is challenging. However, VR helps the individuals who have contracted this disability by helping them analyse people around them on roads and streets, helping them to move.


With dexterity and incisive trials, we have reached a paradigm of success to provide enhanced autonomy to disabled people. In our thoughts, disability does not imply abandoning life. In the wake of the same, we have promoted virtual reality in the medical sector through which doctors living at distant places can aid their existing disabled  patients who need immediate attention, or those who could not reach out to them in person. The whole program is immersive as one can drench into the feel of what they could have never experienced otherwise. An amputated person who wishes to swim through the great barrier reef in Australia can now give hopes to his dreams; thanks to Virtual Reality.


Disabled gamers can step out of their stipulated lives with the help of an instinctive technology that the mode adopts. They can forget their impediments and elude the barriers that stop them from encountering the beautiful experiences. It is like a new life to them where they can move around without hassles with the help of head mounted displays. It helps the engineers and builders to make apartments and complexes where the feasibility of providing eased movement to disabled people can be checked through virtual reality. With the technology, we are arching towards a better world which is suitable to host everyone.

Progress Through Technology Aided Learning & Development

Progress Through Technology Aided Learning & Development

Since the year 1980s, information technology is being used in the  business process automation and learning sector. Following then, it has changed the whole learning scenario. The development sector now has infinite dimensions. These new and more advanced dimensions, or options, ensure all round development of the learners. With progressive thinking and excellent technologies, it is made sure that learning can be applied pragmatically. Otherwise, what is the use of such learning that the scholars can not implement?

The importance of learning through technology is evident through this adage, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand”.


When an adult orates the definitions and explanations of  processes, chances are that the listener would just understand the literal meaning of the words. However, when he finds the practical application of the same process, his interest and amusement about it grow manifold.

Our cars are high-tech, our gadgets are top-notch, so why not the education system. An amazing synergy of technology and education guarantees learner engagement. For how long can a student stay focussed in a class where instead of discussion, there is a one-way communication by the tutor? When students learn via wireless technology, their amusement grows as they step in the gleaming world of imagination, cognition and curiosity.


Talk about any field, research and development, banking and insurance, private and public corporations, fashion and glamour industry; every field has acquired development through technology. So if technology is the need and that is what our future generation will be using, it becomes obvious that learning needs to happen through advanced technology as well. For a technology dependent world, there needs to be an equally technologically-savvy new generation.


When individuals confront technology, there are more opportunities of discussing futuristic ideas, where budding brains can tickle their ingenious bones whilst making way for development. The research programs are  gaining momentum in the view of the resurgence in bioinformatics, gaming, finance, computer science, engineering and almost every sector. No field can sustain without the possession of updated gadgets, services and interactive technology. Innovation and education are the two interdependent essentials that can foster this upgradation. Libraries, laboratories, infrastructure, all can contribute heavily in development when aided with technology.


More and more jobs and careers can be created with the help of new technology through which new businesses can be initiated. As per the World Bank report in the year 2011, new enterprises contribute a disproportionate portion of jobs which is possible only by means of development and technology.


Undermining the need for progressive technology in education and research sector is equivalent to turning a blind eye to new opportunities that knock at one’s door. Everyone of us is a proud owner of a technological gadget and there is no denying to the fact that they have just changed our lives for better. Let they be ipods, mobile phones, tabloids, smartwatches, fitness trackers; all these innovations have made us progressive and laid the pathways to further introspection in research.

Munfarid Helping to Bring Future Schools

Munfarid Helping to Bring Future Schools

Teaching the children in a way similar to how you were taught, lands them in a stagnant loophole which bars advancement. Going by the adage, researches and analysis to make the present schools future ready have been gaining momentum where innumerable ideas and planned execution for the same is the high target of research and development agencies in the education sector. In line with the same, Munfarid and its distinctive competence measures have reached the pinnacle of success with unmatched attempts.


We believe that the in the education arena, content is the king and technology is its queen. Hence, at Munfarid, we provide content that brims with the highly descriptive subject matter in a manner communicated to us by the schools. We know no other consumer satisfaction tactic better than following the parameters and points of consideration set by our customers, which are the schools. We dare to be different because the promise of providing cutting edge technology to the schools is a priority for us. Since this is the factor that lures our customers to work with us, we leave no stone unturned to give intelligent solutions to their problems. Every consultant and partner at Munfarid is technologically savvy and well-versed with the requisites of transmuting a regular school into the one which is ‘future ready’.


Even after successfully imbibing the latest technologies and applications into each of our service, our craving for improvement knows no frontier. Education is illimitable and perpetual and so are our intentions. We keep reorienting our strategies whenever there is an opportunity to improve. Parallely, we keep our employees rejuvenated because they are our valuable assets and we thrive on the basis of this human resource and its allegiance.


Our services are affordable and fit in every pocket: small and decent. Our services are priced at an affordable cost which helps us make through and keeps us flourishing.


Our Virtual Reality program dares to reciprocate the entire academic scene with a revolutionary approach. Back then, textbooks were the best friends, but interactiveness and touch technology is the new trend of the 21st century. When our gadgets are updated, why not our kids’ childhood! Schools that partner with us have purported tremendous results after they amended their ways of teaching and hailed the virtual reality program. Students now go on regular trips to Switzerland, The Milky Way, The Great Barrier Reef, Museo Galileo, The Aurora Borealis, which are just some of their favourites. The magic of this approach is that students from all age (K-12) who go paranoid looking at illustration-less textbooks can now understand the wonders of the universe.


The presentation consists of a less proportion of text and inclines more towards the practical figures and virtual sensory touches. They can interact with things around them and tickle their creative bones. Notably, in rural schools, the children deprived of basic liveliness come one step closer to living eccentric moments like trying adventure sports and attending concerts. These experiences and live moments break the barriers of status as well! Quite obviously, one can accentuate the students’ learning experience by offering them something more beneficial than just academic matter; Munfarid takes your school to that level.

How to Develop VR Strategy for Your School

How to Develop VR Strategy for Your School

Virtual Reality is the forward thinking technology where one can experience a fusion of the ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ world. The human brain responds instantaneously to such a reality emulation which reaches through the sensory nerves. The medium of virtual reality passes the environmental information to the receptor.


With the debut of virtual reality program in schools, children of Bahrain can now see the Eiffel Tower in Paris and travel past the Great Barrier Reef, however through a virtual operation. Munfarid helps the schools to get their students one step closer to this unimaginable tech advancement at a cheaper and affordable cost with responsible professionalism. The Virtual Reality experience includes teaching applications, lesson plans and core subject analysis with the developed curriculum. The program is not complex and is easily palatable for an average student. The content excels on the virtue of high quality and simple delivery with nimble loading.


To get started with the virtual reality program for the school, first of all, one needs to analyse what technology he wants to eye on. For the success of the program, Munfarid provides services through various outlets that it is well-versed with. These include Oculus, Microsoft HoloLens, Gear VR Framework, Jaunt, Vive, Unity, Samsung Gear Vr, Google, etc. These companies are making it possible to cater to the needs of schools and supply the virtual reality kits. The kits can be pre-ordered to Munfarid and will be provided as per the school needs. The students can time travel into the historical events and virtual reality facilitates the same. Space travelling was never so pragmatic. Observe the change in your students when the interact live with the solar system and crawl in the outer space.


The VR can be of two types mainly: the Gear VR and the Rift VR. Both can be worn as head gears and give an insight into the far sought destinations and give unimaginable experiences. Students will be able to touch and feel the objects which are virtual, but seem to be real.  If you think this technique is restricted to a handful subjects like general science, history and geography, then here is a thought check. The virtual reality is very promising in explaining the cringy mathematical formulae in an obvious and detailed manner.


Reimagining the outline of classrooms is another impactful step in transforming the stagnant old methodology tactic into a real time performance tracker. These classrooms will have modern merchandise equipped with meticulous technology. Like: Tablets, desktops, laptops, handheld devices and cellular phones, and VR Gears.


The orators or the presenters of the VR program need to know the knack of operating the technology and setting the parameters for the students to maneuver the gadgets. The teachers must be trained to assimilate the technology and pass on its benefits to the learners. They must be trained to plan their lessons with integration to the practical explanation. A robust network which is reliable is an undeniable need.


Learning becomes fun when children understand the concepts. This is the rich and scalable return on investment that schools look for.