Comprehensive education is the bedrock of global development. With the advent of modern media and a well-connected society, education today enables knowledge transfer from any part of the world. Today, unparalleled quality content and methods of delivering it are available. Many private and public colleges and institutes have been established to bring out excellence in education.


However, many good schools and colleges cope with tight budgets and limited funds since the delivery of quality education comes with a price. Instead of compromising with learning standards, a better way to cope college affordability issues is by using technology for cost-cutting.


Technology can make education easily attainable and here’s the ABC behind it:


Automation – Technology can be used to automate administrative roles. Rather than having the human resource to take up job roles that can be easily done digitally, they can be used to add value to the learning process.


There are many forms yet that technology cannot replace. Some of these are the human touch, warmth, and empathy. Tasks like attendance, grade reporting, scheduling assignments can be automated and those like student administrators, K-12 teachers, librarians will be better off the automation. Hence, there is job security plus better utilization of resources.


Better Content Delivery – The traditional way of content delivery and learning, i.e. through paper and printing can be done away with. Cloud services can help in storage, better communication, and enhanced productivity. The printing charges for textbooks incurred can be saved with the use of cloud storage. Delivery of content digitally means no need to re-print the content to update it. This means, content made once can be used and upgraded without any hassle and added cost.


Cost cutting on Trips – In case you believe virtual reality was expensive, try gauging the cost incurred in taking the students to a different city for a historical trip. Gauge the amount spent on the fare, lodging charges, food expenses, entry fees and plenty other costs the school will have to bear. All that, only for one trip.

Now consider virtual field trips where the school has to make a one-time investment in a good VR kit that can be reused over the years. Students are comfortably seated in their classroom & have an unhindered access to the world. Also, they can revisit these places to revise their learnings and widen their imagination.


They are safe, secure and can plan new expeditions every day. What a miracle! Technology to the rescue.


Education is a cornerstone that makes a child responsible, competent, dynamic and a healthy member of the society. Digital innovations in a classroom not only perfect the process but also help in the judicious use of resources. This can help equip a larger numbers of high school students with the job-related know-how and skills.


Most of the impediments to learning can be cleared off with the use of technology. These ABC solutions to make college more affordable imply that with a small amount of ingenuity and a mind open to courageous changes, we can easily improve knowledge delivery.

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