About Us

We bring you Immersive Learning Programs to bring out the best of learner’s potential, by instilling confidence, knowledge, drive, and enthusiasm for what they truly aspire.

The Munfarid Story

Starting with a vision for improving education and training, the growing potential of immersive technologies quickly became an inspiration. Together, we embarked on a journey to reshape the technology infrastructure, and transform virtually every sector for sustainable growth and innovative development. Today, led by a thriving team of visionary educators and leading technology experts, Munfarid has become a regional force and a global phenomena offering the most comprehensive Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence programs for all industrial sectors including private, semi-government and government sectors.

Team behind success

Dr. Sana Farid

Dr. Sana Farid

Co-Founder & CEO

A pioneer AR-VR Strategist, a qualified surgeon, a distinguished ambassador to women empowerment programs. Dr. Sana predominantly supports government & non-governmental initiatives to emphasize the role of ARVR adaptation across different industries while using her deep tech knowledge for societal well- being through immersive learning programs.

Ritesh Khare

Ritesh Khare

Financial Advisor

The Finance Lead at Munfarid, Ritesh finds the best ways to put money to work. With his vivid understanding of the global ARVR market encompassing technology type, geography, and penetration, he has evangelized Munfarid’s swift progress in the global market. Touted as the ‘Finance Guru’ in the team, he’s a saviour who also gives occasional tips to co-workers for saving.

Hiba Khan

Hiba Khan

Technology Lead

The Tech Lead at Munfarid is credited for all the fundamental and innovative developments at the technological front. Her creativity, ingenuity and expertise allow for super reliable, fully consistent and highly scalable services, enhancing the user experience. Her determination to infuse technology into practical domains coupled with her go-getter attitude, constantly propel us towards achieving excellence.

Ebrahim Farid

Ebrahim Farid

Program Coordinator

Highly skilled in designing and delivering innovative programs in ARVR, Ebrahim Farid is a young entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and an inspiration for young and emergening tech professionals. Ebrahim has colloborated on many platforms to bring awareness to young minds about the growing potential of disruptive technologies through a number of impactful programs.

Our Vision

Persistent Progress towards achieving Sustainable Growth.

Transformational Change

We aim to revolutionize every sector by upgrading conventional systems with the most innovative technology-led practices, adding value for the user as well as the industry.


Providing proficient practices opportunity to users enabling to gain better skills, build self reliance, critical thinking, and decision making abilities

Focus on Impact
Corporate Social Responsibility comes first, making sure that growth is not hindered by any borders or confines

Let’s Get Started

Munfarid is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and create an immersive experience for your needs

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