After the industrial age and information age, the world is entering yet another transformation brought about by the innovative and immersive technologies i.e. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (Ai). Just like other advanced nations worldwide, the Middle East – particularly the Persian Gulf states – is also at the forefront of this transformation encouraging the use of these modern technologies across different sectors such as VR in education, healthcare, real estate, tourism, corporate and government.

Many VR related ventures have come forth in the Middle East in recent years but Bahrain-based Munfarid Consulting is one of the most prominent in the VR market with specialization in the implementation frameworks and consultancy in AR/VR/Ai for the corporate, non-corporate and government sectors. Munfarid has recently signed an accord with BTECH for mutual cooperation and become a full member organization of Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH). BTECH was established with the government’s vision to improve, enhance and build upon the economic efficiency of the country and provide a competitive environment for ICT entrepreneurs and startups to grow and excel at a regional as well as international level.

Munfarid has been at the forefront of many government initiatives and has received much appreciation and encouragement for their dynamic efforts and unique offering at a number of platforms such as Worldskills Competition 2017, Bahrain Entrepreneurship Week, Education Experts Conference, Edutech Middle East 2017, to name a few. Sharing a common vision to maximize the scope of immersive technologies in education and training in the Middle East, Munfarid and Google Expeditions have been putting in joint efforts since March 2017, and next year they are going bigger with the VRXOne go-to-school program aimed at running a million Expeditions revolutionizing the school education in the Middle East.

“Confident that the BTECH affiliation will add to Munfarid’s growing reputation and bring more recognition for the company” said Dr. Sana Farid during the accord signing ceremony.  “Munfarid has huge plans to contribute to the technological front of the country with its AR/VR/Ai aided training programs designed to enhance the learning capabilities of the youth both in educational and corporate sectors as well as further help to align strategies for technology aided, performance enhancement solutions for both government and non-government organizations” expressed Mr. Ubaydli the chairman of Bahrain Technology Companies Society.


About Munfarid :

Munfarid Consulting is a Bahrain based innovation company offering wide range of training opportunities and consultancy in immersive AR/VR/Ai technologies. Munfarid specializes in providing incisive learning strategies, operational management and customizable technology aided performance solutions enabled by Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies to government, non-governmental and corporate sector organizations.


About BTECH :

BTECH is a non-profit entity and the leading Bahraini organization supporting the local ICT companies to grow and excel through different stages of development, elevating the statuesque of the sector and contributing to enhance the presence of Bahrain’s IT industry at regional and international levels, increasing its contribution to national output.

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