Modern immersive technologies have taken our world by storm by taking training and procedures to a whole new level of precision in every industry today. 

In a recent interview with Al Arabia TV, Dr. Sana Farid, the pioneer ARVR Strategist, a surgeon and Co-founder & CEO of Munfarid, talks about how virtual reality and artificial intelligence revolutionize the medical education and training in the classroom to bringing groundbreaking improvements in critical surgical procedures. Categorizing the use of VR in healthcare in three different distinct categories, Dr. Sana informed of its applications in education and training, shifting the trend of learning anatomy of human body on a mannequin to a detailed three dimensional virtual body, “Prior to approaching a patient in a critical position, how about if the practitioner has been trained several times so his hands are well practiced, and the brain has already learnt about the scenario.”

Dr. Sana went on to explain the uses of Robots and Ai in another perspective where they help doctors and nurses concentrate on patients by doing routine tasks for them. Answering the most put-forth question about robots replacing human beings in the future, Dr. Sana dismissed any such fears saying:  

“There are many fears about these technologies will replace or threaten some jobs. I would disagree with this idea. Technology with its different types is going to help and increase the efficiency of the doctor or the nurse. It will not replace them. On the contrary when we have modern technology like artificial intelligence, it will create more jobs than we have now – for programming or for creation of compatible (medical) programs.”    

Watch the video link for the full interview – Learn from Dr. Sana Farid how Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are transforming and revolutionizing the field of healthcare from a medical classroom to a healthcare facility.

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