The omnipresence of digital technologies combined with an incredible pace of change has brightened the innovation sphere. Enterprises around the globe are serving a bevy of enthusiasts by bringing on table some fruitful discussions about leading technologies like AR, VR, and Ai.


Taking forth the momentum of these pulsating technologies, International Quality Productivity Center (IQPC) hosted a 2-day Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference in Dubai (UAE) on the 26th and 27th November. The first of its kind conference brought agile and visionary industry leaders together and provided an opportunity to share, discuss, and network.


The focus of the conference was on funding opportunities and incorporating VR/AR technology in every vertical, thereby highlighting the technologies’ overall impact.


Chairing the conference was Dr. Sana Farid, a pioneer AR/VR Strategist in MENA, who accredits her inspiration to the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “For me the inspiration comes from the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum and it is my intention to follow in his footsteps to pursue and embrace innovative technologies, as a way to progress towards a globally competitive socio-economic infrastructure and ensure a better future for our generations.”


The event matured with industry pioneers sharing their perspectives on leading technologies that encompass the spectrum of unparalleled experiences.


The participants conformed with the underlying notion of AR & VR being the technologies crafted to connect businesses with people & leaving a lasting impact. The wide number of keynotes discussed were a testimony to the sensational success of the conference.


In line with some more serious efforts to open discussion on pragmatic futuristic technologies, IQPC organizes another promising conference ‘Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Conference‘.


The gathering invites on board prominent international and regional experts to discuss achievements, opportunities, and roadblocks in one of the most debatable area of discussion worldwide, AI.


To attest the findings, the discussion will be coupled with proven case studies and success stories pertaining to AI, Deep Learning, and Cognitive Computing in the fields of banking, customer service, defence, oil and gas, healthcare, and so forth. Some featured speakers of the event are Her Excellency Dr. Maryam Matar (Founder UAE Genetics Association), Mr. Fahem Al Nuaimi (CEO Ankabut), Mr. Samuel Kemp (Data & Artificial Intelligence Specialist) Microsoft, Dr. Mazin A. Gadir (Senior Specialist The Executive Office for Organizational Transformation

Dubai Health Authority), Dr. Sana Farid (AR VR Strategist MENA and Co-founder Munfarid), amongst many others.


Noteworthy to mention, the Middle East has emerged as a leading initiator of kinetic enterprise technology.


Dubai has already zeroed in on the Ai technology and a proof of the fact is the appointment of a 27-year-old astute Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama at the unprecedented position of Minister of Artificial Intelligence.


This goes down to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum‘s perception of Ai as a solid base for the coming period.


“We are seeking to adopt all tools and methodologies related to artificial intelligence to expedite and ensure more efficiency for government services at all levels.

Our 2071 Strategy is founded on a set of fundamentals,

primarily Artificial Intelligence across all our government and private sectors.

The coming period requires qualified Emirati cadres well-versed with artificial intelligence to meet our supreme national interests”, he had recently mentioned.

Artificial Intelligence is the flagbearer of Tomorrowland and has the potential of increasing business efficiency by 40% in future.


At an International Petroleum Exhibition Conference held at Abu Dhabi in November, the Microsoft’s oil and gas Director for the MEA, Omar Saleh said that Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to have the biggest technological impact on the oil and gas industry over the coming years.


In another major event i.e., the 8th Dii Desert Energy Leadership Summit in Dubai held on 3rd December 2017, His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer identified Artificial Intelligence as one of the important forces to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution for best international practices.


A democratic access to Ai will help the ecosystem to thrive and the market to grow further with minimal human effort and maximum autonomy. The technology takes a step forward to automate complex analytics and customer interaction.


Combined with Virtual Reality, Ai makes the learning experiences more intuitive, immersive, and long-lasting. Its impact on various sectors of science, education, healthcare, corporate training, etc. will be an intriguing topic of discussion at the upcoming IQPC Ai conference.

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