Whenever and wherever there is a mention of disaster and emergency, three alarming words immediately pop up looming large over the crisis situation – Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Medical profession has to be one of the fastest growing fields in the current day and age, and like other areas, tremendous efforts, work and resources have gone into making the emergency response services quick, efficient and contained. With that context fresh in mind, listen to this. Immersive VR Education has created the 1st ever emergency response program in the world, ER VR – a virtual reality medical training simulation designed for medical professionals and trainees. Intended to offer reduced time and greater readiness for emergency response services, the program is an immediate and exceptional guide for medical teams. The program can also switch to an alternative fully educational mode for immersive learning environment as well. Since emergency care can be both expensive and even inaccessible in remote locations, this application will be an invaluable asset for emergency response teams everywhere. Called RCSI Medical Training Sim, this app combines the best of both, cutting-edge medical research and latest Virtual Reality gaming tech.

A renowned virtual reality development company, Immersive VR Education has many remarkable achievements under their belt such as the Apollo 11 VR – experiencing mankind’s historical first step on the moon from start to finish, relive the events of the landing, Apollo 11 is the winner of “Time Warner Future of Storytelling Award” in a tough competition of over 300 submissions – and Titanic VR – traveling through history to relive the events of this formidable incident . But Engage stands out as the principal and award-winning development by Immersive VR Education. A multi-user platform for teachers and students to travel and communicate in a safe virtual environment allowing up to 30 users to be in a single private lesson or meeting, from any location in the world. The program comes with a host of amazing features such as virtual field trips, projected presence, interactive whiteboards, and streaming media.

Immersive VR Education are indeed providing the next- level VR technology in education and their immersive programs have a great value for learn-by-doing technology. It is my pleasure to announce that medical students in the Middle East will soon be able to gain from this technology and learn about the emergency response training in VR.

Indeed, it has been a marvelous experience meeting with like-minded, dedicated and highly innovative professionals in the VR community. David Whelan, the CEO for Immersive VR Education and formally the editor and chief of Virtual Reality Reviewer and a founding member of the Virtual Reality Awards. David is indeed an inspiration for VR entrepreneurs everywhere, being a pioneer and one of the leaders in VR development, it is an honour for me to be associated to him. His vision for VR education will surely bring bountiful opportunities and benefits for our VR communities worldwide.

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