Human body accounts for some of the most intricate and complex studies and it is a feat to be able to organize that knowledge into smartphone applications for quick reference as well as a dedicated library. The award-winning technology company 3D4Medical does just that. They specialize in the development of medical, educational, and health & fitness applications designed for the benefit of healthcare professionals as well as medical students and patients themselves. These innovative apps have certainly modernized the way people learn about human anatomy, physiology and exercise techniques with the help of interactive 3D visualizations. These apps have transformed the way healthcare professionals communicate with their patients, pupils and clients, just as they are helpful for the students and patients alike.


I have to say that 3D4Medical stands true to their mission “To revolutionize medical education for physicians, students and patients with our innovative 3D products” – and they have a number of apps that cater to different purposes. Their 3D medical reference apps help understand the complete anatomy through guided courses, innovative tools and features, and provide a complete anatomical learning platform. What I really find amazing about this app is the module called “Content Builder”, which health professionals can use to create interactive, engaging content for the benefit of their students – using screens, audio/ video recordings and quizzes – all created within the application. As soon as the content is published on the app, students’ devices can download the lectures connected to the internet. It makes the learning an on-going process, saves time and makes it easier to connect with students in real time. Being associated to the medical profession myself, I think this app is a great achievement in medical education technology.

Other apps offered by the company are their Nova Series pertaining to orthopedic information, nervous system and body regions. Health & Fitness and Physical Therapy apps provide a detailed muscle information, yoga lessons, even iDance, and rehabilitation for lower limbs, respectively. One of their most prized apps is iMuscle 2 that allows users to plan and track their fitness program all by themselves. Designed with multiple users in mind, iMuscle makes an ideal resource for instructors and physiotherapists as well.

3D4Medical apps have won numerous prestigious awards including Apple Design Award 2016, and are already used by a number of education and clinical organizations worldwide, claiming over 12 million downloads (link). Good news is that all of these ground-breaking apps will now be available in the Middle East for the assistance and convenience of medical students. The students will be able to widely benefit from these apps and get to understand the anatomical and physiological studies at their own pace, at their own time.

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