What if the young learners could see how the moon looked like when Neil Armstrong stepped on it on July 20, 1969? Being a part of the moments is a lot better than reading the texts. Science lessons and historic events seem like a part of our world when the students can be characteristic of these happenings. That is how Google expeditions, the immersive and interactive group learning events by Google, cut the ice.


With stunning graphics and immersive in-depth visuals, students enjoy learning. Whether K-12 or higher education, the VR 360° content powered by Google cardboards and other superlative kits enables learning by example. Teachers can conduct fortnightly/weekly trips to outer space or the pre-Columbian era. The autonomy to travel anywhere and learn without a ‘Visa’ makes the Google Expedition an empathetic tool where students are free to explore cultures and connect with people from different ethnicities.


Sunder Pichai’s Vision for Google

The Google Inc. CEO, Sundar Pichai (@sunderpichai)  is known as a resolute and sorted personality with subtle tactics to handle business. No other man can be deemed more perfect than the man himself, heading the ‘World’s Most Valuable Brand.’


Since 2012, he has been a part of the core team of Google Vice Presidents appointed by Larry Paige. From Google Chrome to Google Maps, Pichai has engineered every product of Google and has played a pivotal role since the October 2014. With the prime focus on internet products, Google Expeditions has been one of the most cherished products of the company.


What is the Core of Google?

As per Sundar Pichai, “The core of Google is about bringing information to people.” That is apparently the reason he believes that Virtual Reality in Education can expand the students’ imaginations.


“Virtual reality can spark students’ imagination and help them learn about topics like how blood flows through the human body or the impact climate change is having on the Great Barrier Reef, in an engaging and immersive way,” he said.


Curriculum based VR field trips


Field trips are the learning experiences that also help a learner in exploring his/her career path. It is the decisive factor which lets the students know the ins & outs of the jobs they fancy. The virtual field trips powered by Virtual Reality can also be the ‘bubble-breaker’ and offer a great deal of understanding. In a way, these help the student to dive deep in the areas that interest them.


The modish and up-to-date Virtual Reality companies are curating the content in alliance with the school curricula. The idea is to make practical representations related to what is being taught in the school. This way, the learning can be deepened and bolstered. Free teacher guides, interactive activities for students, lesson plans for teachers will all help to integrate the theoretical learning with practical learning.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) in partnership with Google Expeditions provides content approved by ISTE standards and aligned to science and social studies curriculum.

ISTE standards work to support educators goal, enriching students with future skills with creativity and innovation, by providing clear guidelines to enhance the learning experience. The curriculum-based field trips provide an option where the students can work as per their individual pace.


These field trips can be used to explain the real life applications of the academic courses. Students can understand and streamline their career choices while understanding the job responsibilities. It also helps them in choosing their subjects for higher studies. They get a step by step video experience which is not possible through one single field trip. Above all, they can have the autonomy to freely explore what they were otherwise just reading!


Virtual Reality in Middle East.

The market in the Middle East is eagerly awaiting Virtual Reality. In fact, last year the region whole-heartedly responded to GITEX, the IT Trade Fair in Dubai. The event registered spectacular events where the fashion brand Marks & Spencer’s launched Virtual Closet in the stores and other web design company portrayed an artificial reality enabled shopping application.


Virtual Reality in Education by Munfarid Consulting

On the similar lines, Munfarid Consulting is a company, put up in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, that has been scaling new heights. The company is a privileged organization that prides itself on being the foremost Middle East based company for Virtual Reality in Education. The company offering Technology Aided Learning & Development has achieved many milestones regionally and worldwide over a short span of time. With fascinating inventiveness and innovation, Munfarid is the address for Learning Technology, Game Based Learning, Bite-Sized Videos and Virtual Reality.


The company fosters learning through technology aided idea and innovation. The Co-Founder of the company is Dr. Sana Farid, an academic influencer. The eager beaver founder believes that Virtual Reality is the greatest innovation of this era, set to rejuvenate education imparting methods. You can follow the influencer on her twitter handle: @drsanafarid


With such an unstoppable momentum, Google Expeditions (#googleexpeditions are a need for every school yearning to go big.

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