Higher Education

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Higher Education Program

Program Advisor : Dr. Sana Farid

User Levels:  University Students, Nurses, Medical Students and Internship Candidates

Immersive Learning  Handbook

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Theory & practice

Documented improvement in student engagement, learning, memory retention and skill development

Real life scenario

Real life situations simulated in virtual environments for realistic training and better understanding

Enjoyable learning

Highly engaging, exciting and interactive content thoroughly captivating students' imagination and interest

Save on cost

Cutting-edge technology at affordable costs with widely accessible content and ease of use

Simulation environment

Customized, close-to-reality virtual spaces offering desired degrees of immersion and simulated experience

Risk free environment

Practice tough skills involving risky situations within complete safety of virtual spaces

VRXOne Immersive Virtual & Augmented Reality Lab Setup

Initiate your 1st VR Project

Mixed Reality Applications

Experience a new level of understanding science in Mixed Reality

Medical Simulation Center

Turnkey Solutions for Medical Universities and University Hospitals to Train Medical Staff

Advance Stem Labs

Combination of Robotics AR/VR/MR and Artificial Intelligence

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Teaching & Learning Quality and Innovation: We aim to enable your Campus to become a le