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Higher Education Program

Program Advisor : Dr. Sana Farid

User Levels:  University Students, Nurses, Medical Students and Internship Candidates

Immersive Learning  Handbook

quick info

Theory & practice

Documented improvement in student engagement, learning, memory retention and skill development

Real life scenario

Real life situations simulated in virtual environments for realistic training and better understanding

Enjoyable learning

Highly engaging, exciting and interactive content thoroughly captivating students' imagination and interest

Save on cost

Cutting-edge technology at affordable costs with widely accessible content and ease of use

Simulation environment

Customized, close-to-reality virtual spaces offering desired degrees of immersion and simulated experience

Risk free environment

Practice tough skills involving risky situations within complete safety of virtual spaces

VRXOne Immersive Virtual & Augmented Reality Lab Setup

Initiate your 1st VR Project

Mixed Reality Applications

Experience a new level of understanding science in Mixed Reality

Medical Simulation Center

Turnkey Solutions for Medical Universities and University Hospitals to Train Medical Staff

Advance Stem Labs

Combination of Robotics AR/VR/MR and Artificial Intelligence

Program  details

Teaching & Learning Quality and Innovation: We aim to enable your Campus to become a leader in the development of new learning models, while enhancing the campus’s ability to engage students across disciplines in active, deep learning, using both proven and emerging pedagogical methods.

Research Leadership:  Determine to assist in leading research infrastructure and support services, especially in fields identified as strategic areas for the University moving forward.

Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness:  We will enable the university to meet or exceed applicable peer and industry benchmarks for operational efficiency and effectiveness in support services, especially in the areas of academic and research administration.

Data Management and Analytics: Aim to boost the campus’s ability to collect, store, analyze, and disseminate data, including big data, in support of student success, research productivity, and administrative effectiveness.

Collaboration Across Boundaries:  Improve campus’s ability to discover, connect and interact with each other across historical, organizational, disciplinary, geographic and institutional boundaries.

Sustainability and Risk Management: Plan for critical technology infrastructure and ensure that security and compliance are consistently addressed.

The Nursing School Education & Simulation Program has a complete has everything that strives to create the very best learning opportunities for nursing students. We help nursing schools with immersive technology to achieve the basic goal to create confident, competent nurses that promote patient safety and produce excellent patient outcomes. Our Simulation Program integrates into the School of Nursing to provide experiential learning opportunities throughout the program.

  • Possibility of 24/7 patient training in Immersive Learning Environment.

  • Access to our Partner’s applications and proprietary Case Builder to let s nursing schools create their own cases!

  • Provides an ability to use or modify standard patient cases from System.

  • Objective and immediate ability to assess student knowledge

  • Training and implementation help to make sure use of immersive learning.

  • Multiple users interface, system and patients (Avatars) to choose from including pediatric, adult, and geriatric.

  • Possibility to simulate multiple cultural patients (Avatars)

  • Providing systems with multiple patient environments including ambulance, residential settings, hospital rooms, ED rooms

The Incubator’s Program is designed to structure series of training programs for uniersity students to help them start their journey from initial idea, through to sustainable venture. Running over a 10 week iterative period, each week explores a different theme, starting with idea generation and ending with a pitch competition. It consists of weekly practical workshops and events to give a good awareness and understanding of each key step along the entrepreneur or innovation journey. University students can follow the entire 10 week program, coming to all of the workshops and events, or can dip into the particular themes they are interested in. Apart from Incubators training programs, we have masterclasses for specific subjects providing a deeper expert understanding.
  • Infrastructure
  • Leadership
  • Capability
  • Academic
  • Quality Assurance
  • Licensing and Certification

To complement the above core services, Munfarid has also introduced new programmes such as Life-skills, Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship. These new programmes will value-add to the core services offered and thereby allowing campuses to provide a comprehensive TVET education that is all-rounded and holistic eventually.

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Visiting Hours

Sunday -Thursday : 11am – 4pm Weekends: Closed

Phone & Email

+971 55 361 3645

program coordinator

Meticulous Planning and strategic execution of all activities is at the core of Munfarid.

Ebrahim Farid

Program Manager, efk@munfarid.org

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