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In a world where the number of hours is increasingly becoming inadequate in a day, it is important that students spend their school years acquiring the kind of education that expands into multiple disciplines and thus several professions. Consequently this leads to an inter-disciplinary approach to learning where important skills are developed for real-life challenges. This is what STEM Learning encompasses in a nutshell. Creating an environment that does not follow the rules of the physical world and where anything is possible, immersive technologies provide the most creative and unrestricted environment possible for the students to experience real-life situations to explore and hone in their understanding in logical reasoning, problem solving, computer science and advanced mathematics, for integrated educational and skill building objectives that are based on the cohesive paradigm of STEM learning system.

For today was like a dream of a few scientists years ago…

The Opportunities open to Modern Day Learners.

Curoiosity has always lead Mankind to strive beyond existing resources and yearn for the unknown. This is what drives us to dicover the depths of the ocean and sail through the stretches of the space. This attribute of inquisitiveness exists in each and everyone of us in some shape and form or another. The previous generations satisfied their curiosty through books, movies or adventure video games feeding their imagination with the possibilities that existed. But the youth today has the opportunity to step inside an entire world of countless possibilities not just to find answers to myths and mysteries but to also experiment and create and build further. Munfarid, in cooperation with the world’s best educational and tech organizations, brings this amazing world filled with immersive experiences to the youth that provides breeding grounds for creativity, innovation, science and technology – packed inside a package complete with guidelines, training materials and equipment.

Step 1 : Build a Program Strategy that works

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Step 3 : Ignite their Dreams, Fuel their Passion

Program Approach

With all the information that the technology has brought to the fingertips of students whether they are studying arts, design or STEM subjects, essentially the next level is to take a step closer to experiential learning based Advance STEM Lab. That is why Munfarid helps to bring the required Curriclum, Course content, Software, Hardware, Management Systems as well as training programs to universities for both students and teachers to initiate a state-of-the-art and modern learning environment in the form of highly innovative and immersive, virtual spaces.
For over a decade, Munfarid’s Partners has been developing unique non-prerequisite robotics based syllabus designed to enhance students’ 21st century skills. The Innovation Team has developed a unique evaluation criteria as well as utilization techniques making thus the number one platform of choice for competence development, leadership training or entertainment. Nooruddin Ahmed (Noor)

Partner & CEO , CR8 Studio


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