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Accrediting competent practitioners thru realistic practices on safe virtual environment

Inducting Excellence through Medical Simulation

As laborious and demanding as the medical educational years are, the skill-based training ahead is just as extensive and studious requiring meticulous and diligent practical competence. But despite all that, medical students have their eyes on the actual clinical practice.

Therefore, realizing the importance of simulation-based training in creating mastery-level skills in medical research and practical lab exercises, Munfarid’s experts use immersive and collaborative tools based in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. AR/VR enable attainment of desired training objectives simulating realistic scenarios in safe, risk free environments, providing both result as well as performance oriented detailed training platform.

Munfarid aims to equip the healthcare professionals with outstanding expertise, hard-core proficiency, highly analytical approach, and a great deal of reliance in order to achieve improved patient outcomes and improved service value.

Immersive methods strengthen knowledge retention, upskill competence, and denote proficient practitioners

Human Anatomy

Munfarid’s state-of-the-art Simulation Lab eliminates the physical conrtaints from medical training enabling learners to do extensive excercises using space, manikin, corpse and, for constant guidance, one-on-one instructor. The All-in-One Medical Simulation Lab offers a comprehensive program through immersive experiences for better learning and enhanced understanding.

Step 1 : Build a Program Strategy that works

Step 2 : Upgrade the Best, Get rid of the Rest

Step 3 : Make Simulation Lab Matter the most

Immersive Experience

Revolutionize healthcare training by simulating lifelike emergency situations for trainees to practice their knowledge and skill without hesitation while exercising full control of the situation resulting in a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and competence.
Working in close association with health care establishments as well as global technology hubs, Munfarid is bringing innovation to healthcare sector with turn-key solutions based on immersive, interactive and collaborative technology. Dr. Sana Farid

Sr. Strategist & Director Training, Munfarid Consulting Co. SPC.

Building an Immersive Lab

State of the Art Virtual Reality Pods to manage University Space smartly for maximum optimization and efficient energy utilization

Dual Pod System

Dimension: 4m x 6m x 21m2

Headgear: HTC Vive / Oculus / PSPVR

PC: Specialized Hardware with GPU Settings

Monitor: Full HD Monitor 40inch

Cabling: Smart Self Retractable

Flooring: EPDM Rubber Designed for VR Experience


Triple Pod System

Dimension: 8m x 4m x 28m2

Headgear: HTC Vive / Oculus / PSPVR

PC: Specialized Hardware with GPU Settings

Monitor: Full HD Monitor 40inch

Cabling: Smart Self Retractable

Flooring: EPDM Rubber Designed for VR Experience


Hexa Pod System

Dimension: 8m x 8m x 55m2

Headgear: HTC Vive / Oculus / PSPVR

PC: Specialized Hardware with GPU Settings

Monitor: Full HD Monitor 40inch

Cabling: Smart Self Retractable

Flooring: EPDM Rubber Designed for VR Experience



Seamless IT lab solutions to leverage VR, AR and MR for purpose-driven learning

AR / VR / MR

Highly immersive applications enable skill development for success in practical life

Training Program

Customized and focused virtual lab training to boost passion for STEM learning

Evaluation & Reporting

Scalable performance evaluation and reporting through real-time monitoring


Strategic Partner

Sim4Health- Authorized Partner

SimforHealth uses realistic digital simulation for training purposes of healthcare professionals so they are fully equipped with the essential knowledge and skills in response to any given emergency situation. Based on an immersive, interactive and collaborative approach, Munfarid partners up with SimforHealth to facilitate content and applications to university hospitals and nursing schools with the possibility of creating their own customized lesson plans and use cases.


Official Representative in Middle East

Munfarid Consulting provides the turnkey AR/VR/Ai solutions for university campuses in the region. The team of experts provides assistance to develop vision and strategy, implementation framework, equipment sourcing and/or procurement, and to roll-out, regular training aligned with international standards. Partnered with the world’s best content providers, Munfarid’s design team helps you to visualize every aspect of simulation center development as well as make cost-effective financial decisions. We offer you the right mix of solutions that fits your educational and training needs.

Global Application & Content Partners

Immersive Workshops everyday


Personalized Coaching Session

Customized and extensive training sessions enable you to smoothly run operations in your VR/AR lab and leave you with a fully VR-ready environment.  

Consult with Global Experts

Unrestricted access to a network of over 50 experts and academia from all around the world working at HP, HTC, MetaVRse and other noteworthy VR/AR companies.


Maximum Exposure at AR VR Events

As you grow, so does your exposure through participation in VR/ AR events which helps build and expand your network and explore greater opportunities.


Chance to attend Conferences & Workshop

Conferences and workshops are great platforms to network with other VR/ AR professionals and build rapport and relations with VR community.

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