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Mixed Reality Applications
Multi-user collaborative spaces and learning style based on specific levels of user immersion and interactivity

Three Steps to an Innovative Campus

It is time to leave behind the conventional digital campuses of the past and build yourself an advanced and truly immersive learning and research facility, connected worldwide to information resources and bringing lifelike virtual experiences to your classrooms and labs with the help of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

Step 1 : Develop a Program Strategy that suits both your current and<br />future needs

Step 2 : Build efficient classrooms and labs to amplify learning<br />goals

Step 3 : Make Your Campus Count!

Shaping the Future

“This is edtech’s moment… not with simply looking at technology as processes, but technology which leads to transformative experiences.”

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Collaborative Learning

Providing an immersive and interactive environment, Mixed Reality Applications are able to leverage the kind of pedagogical style where students have the luxury to learn, understand and apply concepts in engaging and stimulating multi-user spaces which can be social, competitive or collaborative, as required.

Mixed Reality in Action

Learn how to Learn

mixed reality applications
mixed reality applications
mixed reality applications


Seamless IT lab solutions to leverage VR, AR and MR for purpose-driven learning

AR / VR / MR

Highly immersive applications enable skill development for success in practical life

Training Program

Customized and focused virtual lab training to boost passion for STEM learning

Evaluation & Reporting

Scalable performance evaluation and reporting through real-time monitoring

Boost Learning

by making lessons more engaging and effective

Marked improvement in test scores

Significant rise in student engagement

Better understanding of difficult concepts

Increased excitement for science lessons

Why is 3D better than traditional textbooks?

A team led by Professor Anne Bamford, Director of the International Research Agency,
made a research on the impact of 3D on learning.

LIFE 1 Project (Learning in Future Education) interpreted by Dr. Anne Bamford (International Research Agency, UK). Learn more.

Mixed Reality Applications for Interactive learning  

Life Sciences

Earth & Space Science

Physical Science


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