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Bringing Ai in Classroom

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
Albert Einstein


Artificial Intelligence Will Serve Teachers, Not Make Them Obsolete

Munfarid partnering with Ai Researchers to bring best of Ai Learning Programs to Education Sector. 

Experiment with Google Ai

Learn about machine learning with Google Ai Experiments simply with the help of pictures, drawings, language, music and more.

Building an Ai Kit for Classroom

Building an Ai kit for your classroom is as easy as any DIY project. A small cardboard box contains the kit components along with the instructions to follow.

Ai ED – Do it yourself

Enabling Kids to build intelligent devices that see, speak, and understand. it is the beginning of limitless possibilities. Take things apart, make things better. See what problems you can solve.

Ai based Learning Platform

Machine Learning

Learn to think like a computer through statistical techniques that allow machines to “learn” and improve their intelligence over time

Cognitive Learning

Understand how human mind processes and reasons information through conscious thought, problem solving skills, and memory retention

Immersive Learning

Comprehend the impact of a stimulated interactive environment on human mind and how it helps to acquire and retain information

Google Ai Vision Kit

Take a tour through the AIY Vision Kit with James, AIY Projects engineer, as he shows off some cool applications of the kit like the Joy Detector and object classifier.

Google Ai Voice Kit

Watch as James, AIY Projects engineer, talks about extending the AIY Voice Kit while building a voice-controlled model train.

Ai Benefits in Classroom


Personalized Learning

Learning based on students’ own specific needs, according to their own pace

Intelligent Tutoring Possibilities

Access to an Ai Tutor at all times whenever help or guidance is required by a student

Adaptive Group Formation

Maximize achievement of desired outcomes with optimal group formation 


Learn by Examples

Optimize understanding of complex concepts by teaching with the aid of “live” examples 

Dynamic Scheduling and Predictive Analysis

Schedule and pace students’ lessons according to their individual potential while keeping track of current and future progress

Intelligent Game Based Learning Environments:

Enable development of important analytic and decision making skills using game-based learning environments 

Machine Translation

Automated computer generated translation helping students to develop better understanding for foreign languages


Intelligent Moderation

Nurture important human values and inculcate impactful environment friendly behaviors among the youth

Virtual Reality Learning

Immersive virtual reality environments make learn fun, exciting and focused 

Real-time Problem Solving Assessment

Ai interactivity enables real-time formative assessment of the class as students work through problem solving strategies

Improving Course Quality

Incorporating interactive, intelligent environments within normal classrooms tremendously improves learning outcomes


Custom Text Book

Students can build their own text books selecting preferred content from anywhere and everywhere

Virtual Humans

Take individual assignments and training exercises to next level with the use of virtual human role players

Empowering the Disabled (Differently-Abled)

Bring the world of personalized learning opportunities to disabled people like never before possible

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