Synchronized Classroom Learning
With AR, VR & Ai Platform

Google Expeditions VR includes 800+ Virtual Reality Lessons

Take students to virtual field trips around the world, enabling students to explore, play, and work as a team.

Google Tour Creator

Build immersive, 360° tours, using Google’s Street View imagery or upload your own panoramic photos, adding favorite points of interest.  Make your own school tours and field trips with few clicks. 

Google Expeditions AR includes 100+ Augmented Reality Lessons

Bring virtual objects into the physical space, students can see and walk around the object as if it were right there.

Google Ai Assistant

For teachers that want the best learning experience for their students need to stay up on the latest in technology.  Now you use Artificial Intelligence in classrooms.

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Boost Learning

by making lessons more engaging and effective

Marked improvement in test scores

Significant rise in student engagement

Better understanding of difficult concepts

Increased excitement for science lessons

Why is 3D better than traditional textbooks?

A team led by Professor Anne Bamford, Director of the International Research Agency,
made a research on the impact of 3D on learning.

LIFE 1 Project (Learning in Future Education) interpreted by Dr. Anne Bamford (International Research Agency, UK). Learn more.

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Google Expeditions Kit Features

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