Mixed Reality Education

Ever witnessed a tsunami wave or a live volcano right in the middle of your classroom? VRXOne lets your lessons speak to you and tell their own stories.

Digital Science Curriculum

The ideal way to engage students for learning STEM subjects.

  • The first ever app to enhance K-12 science curricula with interactive 3D models
  • 700 + lessons aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core
  • An impressive library of over 1,300 3D educational models, also available in Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Microscopic Deep Zoom images and animated videos

Interactive 3D Content for K-12 Science Curricula

Using holographic 3D models to demonstrate science concepts for students, our mixed reality app transforms everyday lessons into a living phenomena.
With 40 interactive 3D models and 20 lesson plans, the mixed reality Lifeliqe application leverages a great extension to K-12 Science Curricula making them much more exciting and comprehensive for students.

LifeLiqe - Authorized Partner

Mixed reality in education has a huge potential thanks to the great displaying ability and limitless cooperation possibilities with others.
Get Lifeliqe HoloLens and teach K-12 science with the latest technology.

Munfarid - K 12 Education Program

Team of skilled professionals provide immediate assistance to Schools for a quick and free demonstration, evaluation of LifeLiqe and synergize to build the strategy to bring Mixed Reality in Schools. 

Boost Learning

by making lessons more engaging and effective

Marked improvement in test scores

Significant rise in student engagement

Better understanding of difficult concepts