workforce training

Real-life Training in VR
Virtual environments for scenario-based training to create radical new solutions to actual work problems

workforce training Program

Program Advisor:  Dr. Michael Gerards

User Levels:  Beginner – Intermediate  – Professional

Vocational Training

Interactive lessons providing a combination of strong knowledge retention with powerful skills development with real-time evaluation

Welding Training Powered with Augmented Reality

Learn professional skills efficiently and safely, the virtual platform is modern, cost and time-saving.

Training Program for Machine Operators in VR

A whole lot of industrial vehicles and operators come before your hands, significant cost saving and totally safe for beginners.

Virtual Reality based Emergency Response Training

Practice critical and life saving methods on virtual patients mimicking realistic response, in a totally safe environment

Program  details

Training in a safe, repeatable environment reduces job-site risks, injuries, downtime, and damage. Without tying up costly equipment, our VR technology develops workers’ skills, consequence-free.

Bridge the gap between watching and doing, reading and the real world, theory and mastery. Through practice and repetition, our VR technology helps workers form nimble muscle memory and motor skills.
Enhance your job-site practices and productivity. Our razor-sharp analysis and data sets provide instant, detailed feedback on how to improve workers’ performance.
Current instructional solutions pose deep-seated issues in workforce training. Rather than dealing with symptoms, our VR technology directly solves gaps in job-site safety, engagement and competency.


Innovation Center

EON Reality Demo Center
Higher Colleges of Technology
Dubai – UAE

Area 2071
Dubai – UAE

Youth Hub
Dubai – UAE

In5 Media
Dubai – UAE

Seef District, Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain

Visiting Hours

Sunday -Thursday : 11am – 4pm
Weekends: Closed

Phone & Email

+971 55 361 3645

quick info

Program Approach

A comprehensive system with the standard devices and curriculum aligned content, enabling immediate adoption in the syllabus.

Experiential Learning

Instilling the power of practical lessons thru innovative methods, enabling learners’ to relate to lessons with factual examples

Power to Build

Learn to develop, empower students to take charge and express creativity by building educational material, learning has never been this fun

Collaborative Learning
Multi-user virtual environments can easily be tailored to incorporate team work and any level of collabration required to make trainees comfortable to work in harmony with co-workers and build congenial relationship with them.
Cost Effective

Immersive technologies develop compassion by allowing the experience of challenges in a realistic yet safe way, building stronger sense of responsibility and charge

Largest Community

A huge network of professionals and mentors is accessible through virtual training spaces where past experiences can be related and important industry insights can be shared to improve upon trainee’s understanding.

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