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Augmented Reality based Standard Training Program


Munfarid’s Partner and a world leader in AR Welding Training, “Soldamatic” brings innovation in welding training with the introduction of Augmented Reality Labs that, on one hand, increase the training efficiency exponentially and, on the other, reduce the costs significantly. The AR Welding Labs are a sustainable way to optimize the learning curve of students and making them well trained in their skill before they head on to real-life welding workshops.

The AR Welding Lab is particularly useful for:

  • Welding Instructors
  • Future Welders
  • Welding Training Centers
  • Governments and Institutions
  • Industrial organizations


What is Augmented Training?

AR vs Conventional Training


More Certified Welders


Reduction in Learning time


Reduction in Lab as well as ECO Costs


Reduction in Workshop Accidents

Cost Effective

Both time and money saving
Not requiring elaborate infratructure

Risk-Free Environments

Safe virtual environments for even the most exhaustive and risky trainings


Add to overall productivity through creative, analytic, and behavioral skill building

Evaluation & Reporting

Scalable performance evaluation and reporting through real-time monitoring

Facts & Figures

Welding Training Program Strategic Partner

Soldamatic - Authorized Partner

Soldamatic Augmented Training is an initiative of Seabery.  Seabery is a global technologic company headquartered in Spain and pioneering the development of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies applied to professional training and industry.

Munfarid - Regional Partner in Middle East

Munfarid Consulting offers state-of-the-art industry training solutions and consultancy for vocational institutes, construction companies, manufacturers and prospective users of Welding and Fabrication in the Middle East.

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