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Vocational Training

Using Immersive tools to develop professional expertise,
curate desired preferences and behaviors 

Potent Immersive Learning

Immersive technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality afford the luxury to upgrade vocational training seamlessly, providing a collaborative, practical and dynamic training environment, also permitting to monitor and evaluate learners’ performance in real time.

What is Immersive Learning ?

Immersive learning has to do with engaging and interactive environments that captivate and stimulate learner’s interest and imagination inside computer generated, 360-degree, interactive virtual learning spaces that replicate real-life possible scenarios for users to learn and practice particular skills or techniques.

Learners or trainees enter these environments using headsets and controllers, having complete freedom  to look around, speak and move about, interacting with simulated versions of real-world tools, machinery, people and workspaces.

By integrating into these environments the story narratives developed on the basis of experiential learning, experts have devised the best possible way to learn which, on one hand, helps to dramatically improve information retention and collaborative skills while, on the other hand, provides safety and reduces costs.

Experiential Learning in Near Real Life Environments

Learn Better, Retain More

Since VR environments use cognitive as well as sensory memory to induce learning, they are able to boost learning and retention remarkably.

Reduce Costs

Minimal infrastructure requirements and non-existent transportation costs translate into substantial savings over time.

Augment Work Productivty

The immersive 3D experiences help trainees to prepare ahead for real life situations improving job performance and reducing errors.

Encourage Collaboration

Multi-user interfaces enable trainees to develop collaborative skills to improve interpersonal communication and team performance.

Boost Training Efficiency

VR helps trainees to learn 40-60% faster than traditional training methods saving valuable time for companies to engage resources elsewhere.

Facilitate Occupational Safety

The chance to exercise workplace skills in risk-free virtual spaces enable trainees to develop expertise and minimize accidents in real life.

 Virtual Reality Simulation in Action

Vocational Training Programs

Spray Paint Training Simulator

An innovative training system engages students for modernized hands-on learning by taking students through a variety of skills training lessons and projects. Featuring an array of options in the user interface for students to personalize their painting experience, the 3D environment reinforces proper understanding through correct material selection, equipment settings and movement, and body positioning while providing intuitive visual clues and real-time scoring. Munfarid’s Program makes the painters’ training faster, safer and cost-effective for educational institutes, paint manufacturers and trade unions.

Welding Training Simulator

Soldamatic is a leading edge Augmented Reality based, interactive program aimed at welders’ training as a principal manufacturing process designed to make the learning process thorough yet safer and faster through gamification for next generation of industry workers. Our Instructor’s Software provides complete scalability for every training need within the Analysis Module. Munfarid’s Program is the most extensive and budget-friendly, state-of-the-art simulation-based training today that uses multimodal interfaces to deliver realistic experiences as per industry standards incorporating methods to reduce CO2 emissions and avoid accidents during real life practices.

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