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Using Immersive Technology to bring a +ve Change in Human’s Life.

Technology is best when it brings people together. – Matt Mullenweg

With the power to improve our personal and collective sense of well-being, immersive technologies drive us closer together minimizing differences by providing better opportunities for interaction, growth, protection and control.

“I truly believe that immersive technologies can have a life-enhancing effect for all of us. That is precisely the vision I started off with.” Dr. Sana Farid, CEO & Co-Founder

What is Impact Program?

Immersive Impact Programs

Virtual Reality for Impact

Enabling experiences that were challenging, inaccessible, or hazardous before VR, this technology is reshaping various sectors for betterment

VR for Special Needs

Leveraging the power of Virtual Reality to help address demands and challenges of special needs education allowing real-time monitoring and tracking of the progress of children with learning disabilities.

Distraction Therapy in VR

Using Virtual Reality as therapeutic technology to provide an alternative means to heal stress and pain, alleviate anxiety and agitation, and recover certain level of confidence for patients.

Envisioning Elderly

Some of the best experiences for  seniors and elderly by reliving memorable moments of life with a walk alongside the ocean, visit to a cherished destination, or exploring new experiences, friendships and sports


Leave your stress and worries behind, take a much needed holiday to your favorite destination without ever having to leave your home. Guided VR Meditation provides access to a curated library of relaxing environments to choose from and to fit your unique needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Capitalizing on machine intelligence to discover, explore and implement new and innovative ways to improve social welfare

Ai for Visually Impaired

Empowering to become independent, Ai is helping to achieve mobility, freedom, and safety for the visually impaired by helping to navigate their surroundings unaided.

Aim to Educate

Personalized learning by pacing the lectures to suit the potential of each students while allowing for intuitive interactivity, continuous performance evaluation, skill development and support system – shaping the learning experience in real time.

Transforming Healthcare

Revolutionizing healthcare in the form of machine-assisted performances, automated diagnostic tools, precise and timely monitoring. Ai is boosting the healthcare industry big time.

Fight Biodiversity Threats

Timely prediction of catastrophic loss of biodiversity and help to regain the balance in the ecological system by understanding what, where and how to deploy conservation efforts most effectively using the transformative power of Ai.

Augmented Reality

Bringing empowerment through awareness, education and revolutionary solutions to real problems

QRaille is the new Braille

QRaille uses Augmented Reality to play as a virtual interpreter for the visually impaired, providing better accessibility to important or even everyday information, reducing dependence while improving self-reliance and independence

Combat Climate Change

Augmented Reality to fuel ongoing research and development in geo-engineering to find innovative solutions to help curb climate change and prevent greenhouse gas emissions and to ultimately contain the peril of global warming

Use Case : Virtual Reality

VR for Special Needs

Having the power to reduce or offset the effects of a disability and offer alternative means to perform their daily tasks, explore their surrounding world and virtually engage in activities otherwise impossible, Virtual Reality is a robust assistive technology for people with special needs

2010 – 2020 –United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

Fight Biodiversity Threats

Building Awareness

Educating about the factors contributing to global warming and the ways to prevent that

Curbing Deforestation

The direct and indirect causes leading to deforestation and how to stop that

Reduce Carbon Footprint

What, where and how increases your carbon footprint, what to do about that

Marine Conservation

Effects of human activities on marine life and what can we do to be more ocean-friendly

Intelligent Farming

Building cost effective and innovative models to enhance crop yields and livestock growth

Restricting Pollution

Using Immersive data visualization to inform about and to control environmental pollution

what about us?

We Aspire to Inspire

Dr. Sana Farid

Dr. Sana Farid

Head of Impact Programs

Known for her relentless efforts in redefining the facade of technology and realigning the penetration of  immersive technologies in the Middle East, and thus listed as one of the “Top 100 Notable Women” who transformed Bahrain and MENA President of VRAR Association, Dr. Sana Farid is an ARVR & Ai Strategist, Simulation Expert, HealthTech Entrepreneur and General Surgeon, who has trained thousands of teachers, students, healthcare professionals  and tech enthusiasts in the AR, VR & Ai Applications. Along the way she has also made tremendous contributions towards women empowerment programs through her awareness programs and training sessions, becoming Women of Wearables (WOW) Ambassador for Middle East earlier this year.

Dr. Daithí Ó Murchú.

Dr. Daithí Ó Murchú.

Program Lead Europe & Africa

A complete institute in himself, Dr.Daithí Ó Murchú is a driving force in technology & business innovation, education methodologies & learning, and creative Design Thinking – inspiring young entrepreneurs and startups to think out of the box and building professional & community teams in creating innovative & meaningful learning and working environments.

Ebrahim Farid

Ebrahim Farid

Program Coordinator

Highly skilled in designing and delivering innovative programs in ARVR, Ebrahim Farid is a young entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and an inspiration for young and emerging tech professionals. Ebrahim has collaborated on many platforms to bring awareness to young minds about the growing potential of disruptive technologies through a number of impactful programs.

James Corbett

James Corbett

Communications Head

One of the most influential & leading digital tech experts, James Corbett is passionate about ARVR, helping to empower youth, tech professionals and startups all over the world; providing platforms for innovators to share their journeys with aspiring entrepreneurs as well as converging the global distances for tech enthusiasts through the virtual world.

Sawsan Al Hallaq

Sawsan Al Hallaq

Head of the Disabled Program

Having recently been awarded for her great social welfare contributions, Sawsan Al Hallaq is a household name in Bahrain and has touched many lives through her continuous and dedicated efforts towards the benefit and well-being of the disabled, educating families in their care, interaction, nutrition requirements and protection.


Viral Stories

An ambitious mind and a determined soul, Hadeel Ayoub is the face of an inspiring young entrepreneur with a set vision to provide an opportunity for a normal two-way communication and a better daily interaction for the non-verbal people. A dream that realized in the form of her amazing sign-to-speech standalone Smart Glove – making lives easier for non-verbal people by helping them to interact better with other people and have more control in life being able to ‘voice’ their thoughts and needs.

Hadeel Ayoub

Founder & CEO, BrightSign Technology Limited

A multi-potentialite and a self-motivated individual, Saba is passionate about using her creative abilities for effecting a positive global change thru video games. Her innate creativity and compassion for utilizing the potential of video games to create awareness about pressing social concerns and inspiring empathy to be mindful of the needs of the society, led her to develop commercial games for social impact.

Saba Saleem

Founder & CEO, The Stories Studio

An innovator at her core and dedicated to serving healthcare industry, Dr. Zahra Gull sets an ambitious example to aspiring minds by contributing to develop a Voice Controlled Smart Wheelchair. Her passion to help mobilize the disabled drew her to push boundaries and assist in the creation of the innovation which is the first of its kind, and a revolution that is empowering the physically disabled towards a more convenient, indepedent and self-reliant lifestyle.

Dr. Zahra Gull

Surgeon, Mayo Hospital

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