With the recent developments in the Middle East, it isn’t difficult to see what the future looks like for the region. And the reason for this foresight is the way immersive and innovative technologies are being channeled into the very fabric of the society. To quote the words of the driving force behind the shining bright face of UAE, the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, “Our goal in the UAE is to shape the future… We have a ministry, future accelerators, national plan and passion to succeed.” And certainly, His Highness is determinedly connecting all the dots and filling all the voids in the process.

Since the modern education technology is based on experience-based learning and real time performance assessment, this not only requires retraining of teachers but also their active involvement more than ever before. Luckily, the government of UAE is well-aware of this challenge and the Ministry of Education has taken many initiatives to address this issue. With the Qudwa – Global Teachers’ Forum, Teachers Forum, and the Arab Gulf Teachers Forum at Ajman Teachers’ Training Institute.

The Arab Teachers’ Training forum is another cog in the chain of projects to help introduce modern educational and teaching strategies and the mechanisms for their successful implementation within the current schooling system. The objective of the event is to communicate ways to help build a competitive and comprehensive learning environment and specifically, redefining the role of teachers and develop and improve their performance and contribution in order to garner the desired positive outcomes from schooling systems in the UAE.

Innovation in education has become a global phenomenon today where new approaches to classroom learning are fundamentally transforming the long-standing learning methodologies in the teaching profession. The new slant will not only transfigure the way students are taught in classroom but also introduce advanced techniques for the way teachers prepare for the new curriculum.

As Virtual Reality technology is being introduced in schools in the Middle East, such  event provide a great opportunity for the teachers to experience VR technology. Whereas, the leading VR education program – VRXOne is bringing the technology to classrooms through 1 million Virtual Reality lessons with Google Expeditions, [News]. Educating teachers about integrating edtech tools in the classroom empowers them to upgrade the conventional learning system.

Google Expeditions has a “Guide” mode that teachers can use to prepare their lessons and to enhance their understanding of how best to go about a virtual tour prior to a classroom lesson. The acclaimed VR/AR/Ai Strategist, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Dr. Sana Farid, is conducting training session in VR-based education and implementation of VR technology in classrooms and empowering thousands of teachers across the region.

Thanks to VR edtech, the teachers and students can be trained pretty much simultaneously, saving valuable transition time as well as redefine classroom experience and create an innovative learning environment that will bridge that technology-inspired communication gap between student-teacher relationship.

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