Middle East witnesses the allure of Virtual Reality with the ongoing ‘Go-To School’ Program. Under this program, more than a million students in the region will experience Virtual Reality Expeditions with the Google-powered VRXOne.


VRXOne is a professional grade VR program that offers simulating experiences through complete immersion. Interestingly, VRXOne kit is the first ever Google partner for expeditions in the Middle East. The ‘Go-to School’ program initiated by VRXOne seeks to spread awareness about the effectiveness of VR field trips & their ability to improve engagement and knowledge retention. One of the leading names in VR in education, VRXOne is taking immersive learning to schools in Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


It has been time and again established that Virtual Reality enables the students to understand their lessons, especially science, history, and geography in a more comprehensive and fun way. It also generates in them a sense of responsibility by making them autonomous and free to explore. The students use their critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills to draw conclusions and understand the results, rather than learning through rote methods.


Taking a giant leap from an era of video documentaries and static pictures, expeditions are allowing students to move around, realize their surroundings, and explore them from a learning perspective. The world of VR is entertaining. We get that validation every day from students we meet in different schools. The amusement and excitement they show towards field trips make us more optimistic about VR. It can transmute a simple classroom into a fun-filled & productive classroom where every student thrives. The program is receiving great response from kids, and their teachers who see a notable improvement in their students’ learning graph.


Besides enhancing student understanding, Google Expeditions also provide a simplified classroom control to teachers. Teachers can prepare their lessons with virtual lesson plans & review the web pages and student screens from a common dashboard.


The program is enroute to show 1 MILLION Virtual Reality expeditions to students in the Middle East. That is a grand target which is sure to have a far-fetched effect. Schools across GCC countries have given a warm feedback to the program; this proves that the aim of one million expeditions is convincingly achievable.


Teachers have acknowledged that students undergoing  VR lessons are actively involved and experience impressionable learning moments. According to a Tech Giant Survey, 85% teachers affirm to the benefits of Virtual Reality in Education. Most of the teachers have agreed that it is a ground-breaking technology giving experimental opportunities to students who can discover their individual methods of improved learning.

Noteworthy to mention, VR expeditions were launched in the fall of 2015 in the year’s Google I/O and have gained growing popularity with every passing year. Availing Google expeditions facility in classrooms is simple.

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