Manama, Bahrain, 24th August, 2017

Dedicated to the purpose of building an ecosystem for high definition Virtual Reality experiences, Kandao Technology, China, and Munfarid Consulting registered a collaboration. The alliance will help foster the ecosystem for the Edtech market, especially the sector pertaining to Virtual Reality Visual Conceptions.

Kandao Technology had recently unveiled two of its products, the Obsidian R and the Obsidian S. The former creates 360-degree photos in 8k resolution and 8k/30 frames per second or 4k/60 frames per second 3D-360 videos. The latter model that ensures high frame rate shooting presents 4k footages up to 120 frames per second.

The company fetched recognition from the Facebook VR Chief who applauded their pioneering technology. The Obsidian transmutes the images and videos into one seamless video. This is made possible through the six fish-eye lenses. The time taken by other software to perform the same task is about double. Kandao is able to achieve this appreciable performance given with its unique algorithm. Acknowledging the technology and its adeptness, Facebook Surround 360 team has coordinated with Kandao to provide valuable feedback.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show, the camera was deemed winner in the Digital Imaging Product Category. The company also won the Virtual Reality of the Year Award at the Barbie Technology Conference 2016.

The award winning documentary maker, Qi Zhao is also a fan of the camera and expects to use it for their future endeavors.

Kandao Technology vouches for stitching the content together in the minimal possible time. The company will now foray in the technologically savvy and booming Middle East market with this strategic partnership with Munfarid Consulting.

Noteworthy to mention that Google has chosen Munfarid Consulting to be its first partner in the Middle East as its Google Expeditions partner for Virtual Reality. The company is also an associate of the Cereverum Inc., EON Reality, Unimersiv, Interactive labs, and various other leading Edtech brands pursuing exhaustive Research and Development in the domain.

Confident about the mutual benefits following this partnership, CEO of Kandao, Chen Dan gave the following statement: “By making creative tools to capture and reconstruct the visual experience, Kandao is committed to work with creators to enable people to see and experience the world in a truly immersive way. We firmly believe that people should no longer be restricted to the rectangle-shaped screens, and virtual reality will bring revolutionary changes into many fields. Munfarid’s commitment in bringing VR technology into education and training has achieved impressive results, and we are very excited about and highly value the cooperation with Munfarid. We hope that through this partnership, more VR experiences can be created more easily, thus enabling more people to benefit from the immersive educational and training experience.

Dr. Sana Farid, Co-founder Munfarid Consulting said, “Virtual Reality enables us to be a part of the action and not be restricted to merely viewing in 2-D. Through VR, brands can do impeccable storytelling. The market in the Middle East is ripe which gives a strong sentiment for this partnership “

About Kandao Technology: Kandao Technology Ltd. Co. provides patented meticulous solutions for Virtual Reality through Video representation and VR live streaming. The Chinese start-up is based in Shenzhen whose CEO is Mr Chen Dan


About Munfarid Consulting: Munfarid Consulting is a Bahrain based multifunctional Learning & Development company that works to bring out the best productivity at workplace and functions to reform the educational scenario by introducing edutainment solutions.


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