Manama, Bahrain, 5th July, 2017 – In line with its series of events to give the students and teachers the assets to converse in the safe, virtual environment, the educational platform Engage along with Steve Bambury, is organizing a chat session ‘#ARVRinEDU’ inside Virtual Reality on July 11th, 2017 at 6:00 pm GMT [Link]. The event invites distinguished speakers with proficiency in their domains to share their experiences about Augmented and Virtual Reality in the classrooms. VR, AR, practical learning, effective CPD, STEM Learning are the keywords for the interactive session, set to take place inside Engage, a product of the award-winning virtual reality software company, “Immersive VR Education”.


The event will be graced by the revered guests, Ms. Jaime Donally, Mr. Chris Madsen, Dr. Sana Farid. The event host Mr. Steve Bambury is the Head of Digital Learning and Innovation at JESSDubai, a not-for-profit British School in Dubai. The anchor had been a stand out at the CPD session in VR the preceding month, following the success of which this talk-show has been tabled.

Ms. Jaime Donally (@JaimeDonally), one of the orators (guests) is the founder of EdChange Global, a global session learning platform for academicians. Mr. Chris Madsen (@deep_rifter) is the Director AR/VR at Morph 3D, an advanced avatar engine and character management system for virtual, augmented and mixed realities. The company uses graphical VR Avatars to promote education, learning, and gaming restyling.


Dr. Sana Farid (@drsanafarid) is another guest for the event and the Co-Founder of Munfarid Consulting a multifunctional Learning & Development company purposed to home the skills of the brands by giving them practical solutions through Virtual Reality. The company focusses on STEM Learning to forward the four disciplines — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in students while applying them to their studies, rather than studying each one discretely. The system is to shift the purpose of education to innovation where the undergraduates are trained through Virtual Reality about the computer and natural science along with the technology learning. This is fostered through compelling Virtual Reality program through Munfarid VRXOne, the company’s Virtual Reality Experiences Kit to provide physical interaction through near to life, 3D experiences. With VRXOne, the company has been chosen to be the first official Google Expeditions kits partner in MENA [Press Release]. The company is also partners with EON Reality, Unimersiv, Cerevrum, Interactive Labs, and Cyber Science 3D.


VRXOne kit built to enhance the pedagogical understanding was sent for listing at the Google Expedition Program. Google rolled out a new avatar of Google Earth recently, teaming up with National Geographic to take Expeditions to students [Article]. The update also revealed about Voyager, another section to demonstrate interactive story guides. Voyager is now a part of Google Earth.


The CPD session will be a platform for VR educationalists to share their thoughts and come on the same page. The guests will explore more opportunities for VR in education, and will share their views on how Virtual Reality helped them bring transformation in their businesses. The world leaders in education reform will throw light by in-depth resource discussion, and train about tools and strategies that help maximize learning by blending conventional and VR learning. The session can be viewed on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or a PC, as per user’s preference. Interested individuals need to register on the following link:


About Munfarid Consulting:

Munfarid Consulting is helping to improve education through technology aided learning & development programs. The organization works with government and private educational institutes to implement the Future School initiatives. Munfarid is the first official Google Expeditions kits partner in MENA. The company also has partnership tie-ups with Cerevrum, EON Reality, Cyber Science 3D, Unimersiv and Interactive Labs.


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