Since the year 1980s, information technology is being used in the  business process automation and learning sector. Following then, it has changed the whole learning scenario. The development sector now has infinite dimensions. These new and more advanced dimensions, or options, ensure all round development of the learners. With progressive thinking and excellent technologies, it is made sure that learning can be applied pragmatically. Otherwise, what is the use of such learning that the scholars can not implement?

The importance of learning through technology is evident through this adage, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand”.


When an adult orates the definitions and explanations of  processes, chances are that the listener would just understand the literal meaning of the words. However, when he finds the practical application of the same process, his interest and amusement about it grow manifold.

Our cars are high-tech, our gadgets are top-notch, so why not the education system. An amazing synergy of technology and education guarantees learner engagement. For how long can a student stay focussed in a class where instead of discussion, there is a one-way communication by the tutor? When students learn via wireless technology, their amusement grows as they step in the gleaming world of imagination, cognition and curiosity.


Talk about any field, research and development, banking and insurance, private and public corporations, fashion and glamour industry; every field has acquired development through technology. So if technology is the need and that is what our future generation will be using, it becomes obvious that learning needs to happen through advanced technology as well. For a technology dependent world, there needs to be an equally technologically-savvy new generation.


When individuals confront technology, there are more opportunities of discussing futuristic ideas, where budding brains can tickle their ingenious bones whilst making way for development. The research programs are  gaining momentum in the view of the resurgence in bioinformatics, gaming, finance, computer science, engineering and almost every sector. No field can sustain without the possession of updated gadgets, services and interactive technology. Innovation and education are the two interdependent essentials that can foster this upgradation. Libraries, laboratories, infrastructure, all can contribute heavily in development when aided with technology.


More and more jobs and careers can be created with the help of new technology through which new businesses can be initiated. As per the World Bank report in the year 2011, new enterprises contribute a disproportionate portion of jobs which is possible only by means of development and technology.


Undermining the need for progressive technology in education and research sector is equivalent to turning a blind eye to new opportunities that knock at one’s door. Everyone of us is a proud owner of a technological gadget and there is no denying to the fact that they have just changed our lives for better. Let they be ipods, mobile phones, tabloids, smartwatches, fitness trackers; all these innovations have made us progressive and laid the pathways to further introspection in research.

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