Teaching the children in a way similar to how you were taught, lands them in a stagnant loophole which bars advancement. Going by the adage, researches and analysis to make the present schools future ready have been gaining momentum where innumerable ideas and planned execution for the same is the high target of research and development agencies in the education sector. In line with the same, Munfarid and its distinctive competence measures have reached the pinnacle of success with unmatched attempts.


We believe that the in the education arena, content is the king and technology is its queen. Hence, at Munfarid, we provide content that brims with the highly descriptive subject matter in a manner communicated to us by the schools. We know no other consumer satisfaction tactic better than following the parameters and points of consideration set by our customers, which are the schools. We dare to be different because the promise of providing cutting edge technology to the schools is a priority for us. Since this is the factor that lures our customers to work with us, we leave no stone unturned to give intelligent solutions to their problems. Every consultant and partner at Munfarid is technologically savvy and well-versed with the requisites of transmuting a regular school into the one which is ‘future ready’.


Even after successfully imbibing the latest technologies and applications into each of our service, our craving for improvement knows no frontier. Education is illimitable and perpetual and so are our intentions. We keep reorienting our strategies whenever there is an opportunity to improve. Parallely, we keep our employees rejuvenated because they are our valuable assets and we thrive on the basis of this human resource and its allegiance.


Our services are affordable and fit in every pocket: small and decent. Our services are priced at an affordable cost which helps us make through and keeps us flourishing.


Our Virtual Reality program dares to reciprocate the entire academic scene with a revolutionary approach. Back then, textbooks were the best friends, but interactiveness and touch technology is the new trend of the 21st century. When our gadgets are updated, why not our kids’ childhood! Schools that partner with us have purported tremendous results after they amended their ways of teaching and hailed the virtual reality program. Students now go on regular trips to Switzerland, The Milky Way, The Great Barrier Reef, Museo Galileo, The Aurora Borealis, which are just some of their favourites. The magic of this approach is that students from all age (K-12) who go paranoid looking at illustration-less textbooks can now understand the wonders of the universe.


The presentation consists of a less proportion of text and inclines more towards the practical figures and virtual sensory touches. They can interact with things around them and tickle their creative bones. Notably, in rural schools, the children deprived of basic liveliness come one step closer to living eccentric moments like trying adventure sports and attending concerts. These experiences and live moments break the barriers of status as well! Quite obviously, one can accentuate the students’ learning experience by offering them something more beneficial than just academic matter; Munfarid takes your school to that level.

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