Program activation

Outsetting successful Marketing Campaigns amongst audiences that connect to and reciprocate with your vision


Gauging potential audience with similar needs and interests and identifying leads


Realizing the values driving the people and conceptualizing ways to help them

Social Narrative

Presenting the client services as the aid for societal needs by weaving engaging marketing campaigns

Layered Communication

Improvising campaigns that unfold in layers, letting the people realize your specialty

Problem Solving

Giving people swift resolution to their challenges by offering agile solutions and spreading the word


Gauging the results and improvising successful marketing campaigns with time 

Answers to Your Questions

What is Munfarid?

Munfarid Consulting - a newgen Learning & Development firm - shares, innovates and advances immersive learning solutions.

What is your client approach?

We put maximum effort into understanding the client's organization, their services, ambitions, business objectives and their vision for future.  After being fully abreast of their needs, we put our best minds to devising a big idea and a creative strategy that imparts value to their current standing and drives their subsequent goals.

What are the key differentiators?

Munfarid seeks to enable 100 percent development through sustainable technology. We practice sustainability and ensure coherence through an efficient use of energy and resources justifying our truly futuristic approach.

Munfarid's Corporate Social responsibility?

We keep a check on the impact of our work on the global ecosystem. A key to this approach is the Munfarid team that wholeheartedly contributes their talent,  experience, and time to support causes concerning healthcare, education, skills training, entrepreneurship, women empowerment, differently-abled and strengthening services in 3rd world countries. Our duties extend beyond our products.

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