The recent year has seen a lot going on in the UAE when it comes to educational activities and events. The year has been packed full of all kinds of education and technology related informational and promotional events. As the UAE government actively builds the foundations towards its UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda as well as Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, it is leaving no stone unturned for promoting its aim for an economically sound, flourishing and competitive future for the country. These events are doing the dual job of inspiring the local youth into adopting many different careers as well as bringing the local talent into the spotlight for the world to see.

Let’s recall that the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda promotes a culture of entrepreneurship in schools and universities in the efforts to foster a value system based on innovation, creativity and leadership.  Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 also presents two key priority areas for development. One of them is reduced reliance on the oil sector as the major economic player as well as a shift towards the natural energy sources for a sustainable economy. Secondly, putting education and learning at the base of a competitive corporate sector. The idea is to pursue a transformation towards an increasingly knowledge-driven economy.


The third edition of Education Experts 2017 Conference is the continuity of the same vision. The two-day conference will be held in Abu Dhabi starting October 30, 2017. The conference aims to bring all the different stakeholders associated with education sector, on the same platform in order to develop a comprehensive strategy targeted at creating a world class system of education consistent with National Agenda, promoting innovation, research and development, embracing learning through digital technologies – such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence – as well as strengthening the regulatory framework for the key sectors.

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