A few years ago, a session of World Economic Forum commenced with a declaration. The declaration was a “New Era of ‘Talentism’, which stated that human imagination and innovation are the driving forces behind economies”.


Imagine this scenario.

Every school across the globe has an innovative education system whose reach is far beyond report cards. Students don’t have to acquire ‘job-ready’ skills after they pass out. The skills are inculcated subtly throughout their academic years. A holistic future school where talent is truly valued. Our future generation, our most precious resource, stays abreast of the changing time.


Yes, it’s possible and devoted nations like UAE are working on it.


In the ongoing month of February, the UAE government and Emirati citizens have come together to celebrate innovation. With a month full of activities, people are participating in competitions, exhibitions, and other activities. The innovation program is being observed across the seven emirates to cultivate innovation and ingenuity in the society. The countrywide celebration that kicked off in Abu Dhabi on the 1st of February will be reaching other emirates throughout the month.


The thoughtful slogan for the month is – “Innovation Starts with You.”


The theme of this innovation month is inspired by the vision of the  Honorable late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. “The UAE Innovation Month will focus on four aspects inspired

from our founding father — the innovative leader, the creative thinker, the change maker and the inspirational thinker”, said Her Excellency Huda Al Hashimi.


Contributing to the success of UAE Innovation Month is a proud Bahraini EdTech influencer and entrepreneur, Dr. Sana Farid, who is a Virtual Reality strategist, Middle East Women of Wearables Ambassador and President, VRAR Association Co-Chapter President for Middle East, and has been ranked among top 101 women in ARVR globally, emphasizes the role of innovation and the never-ending need to evolve.


The EdTech trainer who had previously flagged off the ‘Go To School’ Program in UAE last October is currently helping the emiratis keep up the momentum of this Innovation Month.


Dr. Sana is demonstrating the many uses of Virtual Reality in Education at the UAE Innovation Hub Dubai. Google Innovation Hub is a revolutionary step to harness innovation in students and enhance their digital creativity. The fair and innovative program inspires youth to transmute their tech obsessions into successful businesses. The first of its kind center in the Middle East, the Hub can host up to 120 students daily to impart skills in 3D printing, laser cutting, machine learning, app development, robotics, etc.


Besides the overwhelming feedback from visitors and government delegates at the innovation hub, the Bahraini entrepreneur Dr. Sana had a proud moment of being visited by UAE’s Minister of Interior, H.E. Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan. His Excellency, who was there for the launch of Innovation hub, seemed to be deeply immersed in exploring Virtual Reality. Throughout the event, he was seen interacting with the participants, especially the younger members, which gave a major boost to their confidence. He was escorted by other Government ministers and representatives of Google.


When asked about her experience in Reality Technologies and the outcome of such events, Dr. Sana said, “When government and citizens join hands, catching the bus to an innovation-led future is easy. We must acknowledge the changes occurring around us and adapt for a sustainable tomorrow. A successful transition with time will take us ahead and keep us going.”


Dedicated investments in building a human empire have life-changing benefits. The Middle East countries are steadily proving this while wisely investing in their human resource.



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