About a century and more ago, a young man named George invented a device that captured the world, quite literally, in its awe. Kodak introduced photography to ordinary people in 1988. At its pinnacle time, about 70 percent of the American film market was locked up for Kodak. In 2012, the company declared its bankruptcy. Despite its history of multiple innovations and a jaw-dropping advertising strategy with the acclaimed tagline, ‘You press the button – we do the rest’, the fate of Kodak reinstates faith in ‘Recurring Innovation’.


Innovation manifests human development.


Dr. Sana Farid, who is a Virtual Reality strategist and also Middle East Women of Wearables Ambassador and President emphasizes the role of innovation and the never-ending need to evolve. She says, “When government and citizens join hands, catching the bus to an innovation-led future is easy. We must acknowledge the changes occurring around us and adapt for a sustainable tomorrow. A successful transition with time will take us ahead and keep us going.” Dr. Sana, who is an EdTech influencer and a progressive figure in the region’s tech space shared her thoughts on the occasion of UAE Innovation Month.


The UAE Innovation Month is brimming with agility and kicked off on February 1. The Emirates can anticipate to have a time filled with developmental activities, networking and audience engagement initiatives that highlight UAE’s commitment to enhance innovation. Under the empowering slogan of “Innovation Starts with You”, the government promotes a culture of innovation, providing a platform for nationwide demonstration of skills.


On the special edition of UAE Innovation Month, Dr. Sana received an overwhelming feedback at the Google Innovation Hub located in the UAE University. The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior, H.E. Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan graced the launch event of the Innovation Hub, powered by Google. He was escorted by other Government ministers and representatives of Google. Dr. Sana, who was demonstrating the many uses of Virtual Reality in Education, was paid a visit by the Minister of Interior H.E. Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan who seemed deeply immersed in exploring Virtual Reality. Throughout the event, His Excellency was seen fondly enjoying the developments showcased, especially enjoying the company of young kids present at the Innovation Hub. The forward-thinking leadership of the country instills confidence and integrity in aspiring innovators.


Google Innovation Hub is a dynamic step to achieve an agenda enhancing the importance of digital creativity. The fair and innovative program inspires the youth to transmute their tech obsessions into successful businesses. The first of its kind center in the Middle East, the Hub can host up to 120 students daily to impart skills in 3D printing, laser cutting, machine learning, app development, robotics, etc.


With programs like these, countries can aim to achieve their long-term vision by focussing on the skills of their citizens. Dr. Sana’s emphasis on propelling innovation is in sync with the Middle East Vision 2030. Presence of this hub in the region is a progressive sign and an indication that there’s no stopping to high-tech development in the Middle East.

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