UAE’s truly maiden interplanetary mission, The Hope Probe plays a meaningful role in national development. It sends across a strong message that in a community of different countries, UAE is second to none in harnessing technology. The nation is leveraging the technology for the betterment of humanity.

In every purview, the government is undertaking steps to disseminate knowledge and excitement of the Mars Mission through immersive education. To arouse the zest for space exploration in budding minds, the government, with VRXOne, is showcasing Virtual Reality trip to Mars in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) and in regional schools.

The zeal for the Mars mission is an important key to unlock curiosity-driven learning in space exploration. It promotes innovation and research & development. While many ambitious students excel at their research to reach the Red Planet, they are upgrading their knowledge using VR. With the Classroom Format Virtual Reality Experience using VRXOne, the students and visitors have added access to widen their imagination about space.

Given the zeal and interest, the space centre is witnessing numerous applications from students majoring in science and engineering fields. By working in the company of expert scientists and using Virtual Reality to supplement their experiences, the students are playing a collaborative role in the mission. Moreover, with the localization of the major space work, many students, especially women are taking the lead in the operations.

The Hope Probe will reach the orbit of Mars in 2021, on the landmark 50th anniversary of the country.

Inside the Field Trip to Mars, with Virtual Reality

The programme is insightful for the students at the space centre and in schools. It provides in-depth knowledge and exposure about the Mars Mission. The VR Field Trip to Mars provides an effective touchpoint between the classroom and the space mission. When students experience a voyage to the red planet, they automatically strike conversations with their fellow learners. They discuss their experiences of the Martian landscape. Inside the field trip, the students view rocks and cliffs on the Mars surface, projected outwards towards the user. The graphics have real depth to enhance immersion.

The students cannot help but wonder – Can I be on Mars too?

By encouraging immersive learning programmes, the Emirates is ingraining the enthusiasm for science research and planetary exploration in upcoming generation.

These consistent efforts to ignite the spirit of exploration are welcome globally. Dr Jim Rice, Nasa geology team leader and co-investigator on the Nasa Mars Exploration Rover Project Science Team applauds UAE. He says

“I am impressed with the UAE’s commitment and its plans for space exploration in both the manned and unmanned sectors.”

“This project can be a very important stepping stone in humanity’s quest to move mankind off this planet and on to Mars, thereby making us a multi-planet species.”

A National Pursuit

The UAE will celebrate another fifty years of growth and prosperity.
The commemorative year will reflect on the milestones of the past and align the vision.

The Prime Minister of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid assures that the Mars mission carries the aspirations and dreams of the Arab world.

While flagging off the mission, he gave three important messages for its fruition.

“The first message is for the world: that Arab civilisation once played a great role in contributing to human knowledge, and will play that role again; the second message is to our Arab brethren: that nothing is impossible, and that we can compete with the greatest of nations in the race for knowledge and the third message is for those who strive to reach the highest of peaks: set no limits to your ambitions, and you can reach even to space.”

The effort to reach the red planet is a collective national pursuit.

The Hope Mission is the UAE’s answer to the questions about the Red Planet that have long puzzled the scientists. The UAE prepares to shine brighter than gold on its golden jubilee.

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