“New technologies are a key to modern education in order to stay abreast of development trends. The world outside school has now changed. The technology has taken the center stage in education system. The goal of a new education system now is to make children innovative and creative.,” said Sheikh Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, UAE.




Technology in classrooms is the way forward for an innovative and futuristic tomorrow.


Midst rapid growth in EdTech and focus on curriculum changes, UAE is focussing on student well-being. An important part of the UAE’s Vision 2021 is “First-Rate Education” scheme, aimed to systematically revamp education in curriculum & professional development. The nation’s governing body dedicated over one-fifth of the federal budget to the education sector.


“Our economic growth depends on investing in education to build a knowledge-based society, and we have made massive strides for the children, women, and men of the UAE.” The comment shows the resolve of Minister for Education H.E Hussain Al Hammadi to encourage growth, predominantly through education and youth agility.


Of late, UAE has shown keen emphasis on STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, especially with top recruiters in emirates emphasizing on technological know-how for the evolving job market. Heading forward with the change, government and private companies have tweaked their plans and are laying more focus on academic betterment, coupled with job-ready skills.


There’s a huge demand for e-learning and a heavy spending by the government to equip the schools and colleges with smart devices.

UAE’s investment in ICT and education technology grew to more than $15 billion (£12 billion) in 2014. The government will be spending Dh10 billion ($2.72 billion) on education through 2021. A significant part of this budget will be used to develop the IT infrastructure in Dubai schools. The education spend clearly shows that Emirates are unified in ambition and determination for robust growth.


The Ministry of Education’s 10-year development plan for 2010-20 aspires for top-quality curriculum, best pedagogical methods, improved student life, inexpensive education to inculcate national identity, social responsibilities, and moral values.


Education technology in UAE is on the ascent, thanks to private initiators allowing the inflow of innovation. Go-to School Program in the region is another step in the right direction. The program which takes Google Expeditions one step closer to Middle East schools is an initiative to promote technology in classrooms in the form of Virtual Reality education. Dubai became the first beneficiary of the program where teachers and students experience the immersive technology using VRXOne.


Better education outcomes are possible through a combined effort of the citizens, updation of teaching methods and judicious use of classroom technologies. UAE is an emerging hub for higher education & continues to be a trendsetter.

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