Scientists prove that playing video games reduces stress. The claim is substantial enough that we can assure you, incorporating video games into your lifestyle will help in improving the mental health of yours or your loved ones.


In case you believe only the youngsters are caught up in gaming, you’re mistaken. As per mobile gaming industry statistics, women account for almost half the gamers in the world & the age group of people playing video games ranges anywhere between 0 to 100 years.


The gaming market is flourishing and notes recurrent advancements with every passing day. The gamers worldwide achieved a target of $99.6 billion as the video game industry revenue 2016 was 8.5% – higher than the preceding year’s target. The Middle East alone held the $23.5 bn share in this.


As per the Global Games Market (mentioned in the PDF slide 14), the revenue of the gaming industry will escalate to $118.6 bn.


Do you know, the video games can also heal the traumatic aftermaths of the war! Well,


Natural Records Studio has come up with an enterprising military action, science fiction drama video game where the plot revolves around a Lieutenant Colonel, a fictional character who is the Commonwealth’s most astounding scoring aviator (fighter pilot) for the World War 1.


PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a matter of grave concern and a very prevalent medical condition amongst the retired veterans.


The game is about the veterans and how they find it difficult to adapt to the civilian life after the retirement.


It consists of three parts – The Film, music and the video. The graphics of the game are too realistic for most of the games in the market. The unmatched realism of the characters, next to natural environments and exemplary hyper-realistic CGI make the user experience impeccable. The music adds even more fusion with the game.


The main characters of the game are Captain Ivory Johnson, Jade Phoenix, and John McAlister.


Like the said game, there are other companies in the similar development zone, thinking of realistic problems and solutions that appeal to the masses. The futuristic and modish design of games comprises different themes as per the user’s preference.


For companies, it will be an even better option as they will be able to pitch the right audience. Before launching a game, the investors can opt for a legit market research and come up with one or more variant(s) of the game to which the population relates.


Multi-genre, multi-lingual and characters from different races, religions, and ethnicities will actually help in connecting people and be making them more empathetic.


Upscale games enabled through Virtual Reality where the users and the characters are in the same environment is also a developed mode. With human interaction and personal connect, such games will ensure even better user experience and personalised experience.


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