The all-important EdEx MENA conference has been going strong in Dubai, drawing the entire private education community from all over Middle East. A large number of educators, institutional heads and edtech solution providers have gathered for the event.

EdEx MENA is essentially focused at improving the quality of higher education and building a bridge between today’s resources and future opportunities. The idea is to elevate the level of private education to a level where it not only competes globally but also helps shape the competencies of the youth for the requirements and challenges of the changing world.

Once again, the region’s leading company for Augmented & Virtual Reality – Munfarid Consulting – from the Kingdom of Bahrain was the spark of the show, the company is leading innovation in education, corporate and industrial sectors through immersive technologies in the Middle East. Munfarid was joined with Unity Technologies, a world-class name in the technology driven community, and stands at the forefront of the growing VR market with a strong focus on the development of robust software solutions.

Unity Technologies along with Munfarid Consulting, have been winning the attention at EdEx conference with the unique offering of providing Virtual Reality aided learning solutions in education. The idea that the immersive VR technology can rapidly adapt to the demands of the expeditious “technological era”, has definitely sunk in for the educational community.  The VR learning solutions not only provide deeper information and sound understanding in less amount of time, they also make it possible to educate students thoroughly about various disciplines in a safe, virtual environment such as geography, archeology, chemistry, medical studies and many more.

This is the first time for Unity Technologies team to have come to UAE to participate in an educational event with the intent to expand their operations in the Middle East.

Dr. Abdullah al Karam, Director General Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), experienced the VR technology and appreciated the efforts of Munfarid VRXOne in bringing innovating ways of delivering education in classrooms to the Middle East. Dr. Abdullah’s positive response is a source of great appreciation for Munfarid team as the KHDA itself is a dedicated government consultancy authority responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai, supporting universities, parents, students, educators, investors and government partners to create a high quality education sector focused on happiness and wellbeing.

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