Education is vast & huge and so is the technology. Both are like oceans, you feel like you conquered it, but then you see a plethora of new possibilities ahead. To make learning interesting and interactive, numerous techniques have been adopted. Education saw a major shift from books to e-learning in the recent years and now the latest sensation is Virtual Reality or VR i.e. creating illusion of reality. After being successfully used in gaming, aviation & military fields; Virtual Reality has now been adopted by education sector to enhance learning experience of the students. A virtual environment is created in such a way that one experiences a version of reality. The major benefit of using this kind of technology is that a large group of students can interact with each other within a three dimensional environment. Virtual classrooms offer near to real like experience to its students, making learning interesting, entertaining and engaging.

The earlier methods of teachings could only let learners visual and not practically perceive or experience the subjects. With the implementation of VR technology, one can understand complex subjects & theories in a practical manner. For example, the one who has studied biology would know how boring it can be to understand the human skeleton. Virtual Reality however makes it easier and interesting using three-dimensional models. The conventional methods of imparting education can be replaced with virtual methods for the betterment of learners. Virtual worlds enable learners to imagine scenarios through active participation. Such sessions let students learn by doing and not just understanding the concepts. It engages the learners and makes their experience real & better.

Education and technology are interconnected and this collaboration is capable of transforming the world. Latest advancements should be accepted & implemented for the progress of not just an individual but society as well. The technological advancements like Virtual Reality require lot of transformations, alterations & infrastructural requirements but with such challenges surrounding it, there are still loads of exciting benefits that VR can offer.

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