Disability can not define the flair of a person. Neither can an able-bodied person be entitled to some super powers. Disability is an added benefit to people who endeavour to break through the loopholes of judgement and society perceptions. Ability holds greater importance than disability and should not be treated as ‘inability! At Munfarid, we educate our clients and introduce them to the world which knows no barriers, no boundaries. Working beyond our customer’s’ expectations, we have worked rocklike to revamp the education and development of disabled individuals.


Giving a 3-Dimensional experience of the world that you can’t reach out to, Munfarid believes in a holistic approach to servicing your needs in a tailor-made manner. With head-mounted displays, the users can experience the far off phenomenon in real. Enjoying the exotic view at the top of the 828 m of Burj Khalifa is great, but for someone who can not travel that far and is pulled down to a wheelchair, virtual reality is the intricate need that was missing. A person can mount the head gear and feel the aura at the top of the world’s largest building. Virtual reality was a source of entertainment, but its validity did not stop there. Researchers of the world and the Edutainment providers at Munfarid entrench that this revolutionary technology can aid the necessitous beings.


Virtual reality has been helpful to the brave souls dealing with autism. For people finding it difficult to interact, virtual reality is the world competent on its own. Physicians claim that a regular VR exercise can help these individuals to exhibit stupendous headway towards leading a normal life. Disability of legs is challenging. However, VR helps the individuals who have contracted this disability by helping them analyse people around them on roads and streets, helping them to move.


With dexterity and incisive trials, we have reached a paradigm of success to provide enhanced autonomy to disabled people. In our thoughts, disability does not imply abandoning life. In the wake of the same, we have promoted virtual reality in the medical sector through which doctors living at distant places can aid their existing disabled  patients who need immediate attention, or those who could not reach out to them in person. The whole program is immersive as one can drench into the feel of what they could have never experienced otherwise. An amputated person who wishes to swim through the great barrier reef in Australia can now give hopes to his dreams; thanks to Virtual Reality.


Disabled gamers can step out of their stipulated lives with the help of an instinctive technology that the mode adopts. They can forget their impediments and elude the barriers that stop them from encountering the beautiful experiences. It is like a new life to them where they can move around without hassles with the help of head mounted displays. It helps the engineers and builders to make apartments and complexes where the feasibility of providing eased movement to disabled people can be checked through virtual reality. With the technology, we are arching towards a better world which is suitable to host everyone.

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