Virtual Reality has the power to make everything paradigm. It is the rehabilitation of the impediments that cannot be repaired in the hardheaded world. As they say, disability is just a word until it restricts a person’s skill and will. Virtual Reality touches multitudinous horizons of our society. Here is a round up how Virtual Reality for Disabled can change the world.

Dave Warner, an American neuroscientist is distinguished for performing path-breaking procedures. He helps kids suffering from Cancer get a vibrant outlook towards life. His experiment centred at Virtual Reality pertains to give the other world experience to kids where they cannot travel. He takes the Cancer depressed kids to the virtual world of a fish tank where they get to see beautiful versions of the marine life. Therein, the children try to trap the sharks with the help of virtual shots.

During this experiment, kids jerk their heads, look around and try to capture the sea animals. The VR hypnotises their senses for their advantage and makes them feel like they can grab things. It is magical to see the discouraged kids bounce back to life.

For patients combating paralysis, VR for disabled people has customised solutions to empower them. Patients with non-viable body organs can control their wheelchairs. The autonomy they get is accredited to VR. With the help of sensors attached to faces, the VR mechanism gauges how their bones and facial muscles react.

Andriana, an 8-year-old girl suffering from spinal cord injury uses this technology. Virtual Reality has proved helpful in fulfilling her dream of flying an aircraft. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the Virtual Reality kit for disabled has given her the wings to fly.

The Second Life is another virtual experience where people associate via an Avatar version of themselves. Counsellors for differently abled people conduct group discussions, recommending the strategies that worked for their acquaintances who needed help. The Avatars map the participant’s background which helps it coordinate the virtual meeting. The whole team of participants emerges victorious where they grab malleable information which was, otherwise, out of its reach.

People with disabled legs are using the Virtual Reality kits integrated with hand-trackballs and joysticks. Virtual Reality helps them to manoeuvre their wheelchair while being unconstrained. Builders and constructors are aiding themselves with VR kits to apprehend the possible damages that the virtual reality wheelchair bound individuals may face while commuting around the place. The whole idea of Virtual Reality for handicapped derives from evolution and it is well achieving the goal.

Here’s another added advantage of the virtual reality therapy for disabled:

Seeing the beautiful sites of the world is an intuitive dream of the zillions. Howbeit, some disabled people start perceiving it as an illusionary one taking it as implausible. Aided by Virtual Reality, this standpoint can be changed. The impaired people can time travel to places dating back to ‘Before Christ’, skid on the slopes of Antarctica, or Quad Bike in the Arabian Sand Dunes. Skydiving enthusiasts with amputated legs can feel the air touching the body.

Virtual Reality is Social Science for the differently abled. When the able-bodied individuals wear the VR gears and find themselves in the shoes of the disabled, it makes them more empathetic. The technology can be presumed Godsend to harvest care and compassion amongst the human race.


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