Virtual Reality expeditions are pushing the envelope and their presence in education has gone mainstream. The technology provides high-octane experiences and is more attractive because of its affordable and accessible way. The engaging experience permits the students to leave the classroom periphery and learn through the tours of landmarks. Teachers can benefit the students and give a real-time feedback to them by viewing their overlay screen and adding notes at the right time. Google Expeditions alone have expanded at an incredible rate and have offered a much required initial boom.


As a part of its comprehensive go-to school program, Munfarid Consulting is taking its revolutionary virtual reality kit VRXOne to schools, to teleport the students via interactive field trips. The program is set to flank across different countries; the initial focus is on the Middle East. Noteworthy to mention, Munfarid will be promoting Google Expeditions via this program with the aid of VRXOne.


The go-to school program started with a visit to the Kent College Dubai. The students learned about the polar bears in VR through a series of panoramic still photographs. One genuinely cool thing is that their engagement did not drop and they looked eager to tilt their heads to wander. For the teachers, the real excitement was seeing the kids embrace geography like they had never before. They only had to give in their inputs at the right time to help the students consolidate learning.


In the next couple of weeks, Munfarid visited other schools of Dubai, recent additions to which were the Dubai British School, The Kings’ School Primary Dubai, and The Global Indian International School.


VRXOne’s goal is to show the Google Expeditions to 1 million students in the Middle East.


The target seems easily attainable as VRXOne continues to gain appreciation from its users. The engaging content brought by the product is easy to align with the school curriculum. Also,it can be easily modified and adapted to cater to individual student needs. The content is particularly designed to flourish the imagination of students and make them self-reliant. The memories and experiences drafted by these expeditions help the students in understanding complex to trivial topics.


The teachers are also impressed with the enhanced autonomy and simplified classroom control provided to them. The management of multiple headsets through a simple webpage is smooth. Planning and delivering lessons with Google-powered VRXOne is easy since there is a provision of virtual lesson plans for teachers. Thus, there are immense benefits of Virtual Reality in education.


This go-to school program spreads great awareness about Virtual Reality in Education, and implementation in classroom is now possible.

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