Shahad Alzaki is the CEO and Creative Director of Mievento Hub, a creative agency based in Bahrain with special expertise in Marketing, Web Media, Public Relations, and Event Management. She is a professional architect who was drawn towards entrepreneurship and is recognized for her specialization in understanding the market.

Shahad has used her entrepreneurial, leadership, and people management skills to substantially contribute and add value to a market defined by the young audience. Her purpose and passion can be clearly seen in her teammates, who excel in their respective domains and most of whom are deservingly women.

She strongly associates with the societal concerns and is deeply involved in spreading awareness through online campaigning, one issue at a time. Through art and fashion, Shahad rejuvenates herself and explores the world in new ways.

What was your mission at the outset of Mievento Hub? Has any of these mission(s) changed?

The digital sphere is an indomitable ball of energy that is transforming the online experiences, which is why I was drawn towards this vibrant field. My mission since the inception of Mievento Hub was to establish the 1st Youth run creative agency that will allow young creative minds to bring fresh new ideas in this market and to our clients.

At the same time, we have always worked towards expanding the client’s mindset from offline marketing to an inclusive marketing plan which comprises online marketing as well. One of our missions is to reveal the power of digital marketing and its benefits like great customer satisfaction and enhanced Return on Investment from it as a business.

None of these missions has changed till now and we are working towards excellence while achieving them.

The team at Mievento hub is led by women. How do you think more involvement of women has better positioned your company?

It is great to see women as leaders and the worthwhile impact of this advancement in the society. My current team is 90% comprised of women and while throughout the years the exact figure may have changed, the majority was always women which is just by chance.

The women I have had the privilege to work with add tremendous value to our business, in terms of communication, creativity, and so much more. Their commitment to work is such that our clients have repeatedly appreciated the ease and smoothness of dealing with the team.  They always felt we understand their needs quickly and work towards achieving them.

In general, I’m very proud to have a team full of women leaders and I’m very happy to see the growth of the company in their hands.

What is the main thing you keep in mind while devising services for the youth; youth being an important audience for Mievento?

Engaging audiences today can be challenging and hence, it is imperative to deploy activities that are stimulating, enjoyable, creative and extremely personalised to them. Hence, one of our methodologies in terms of business approach is that we are flexible with our services and concentrate on their relevance to the audience. With our vision and values at the guiding helm of every project, we keep upgrading and brainstorming to improve and remove things because we believe, the key to success in serving the Youth Market is by staying up-to-date with their needs, wants and how the market is at that moment.

One of the main attributes that help our team is the fact that it is comprised of young who contribute the most in understanding how to tailor our services to the youth market.

As per you, what is the key to successful entrepreneurship?

There are many aspects that I believe blend together to shape a successful entrepreneur. I am sharing below the most important ones, not in order though; these are:

  1. choosing the right team of talents
  2. having skillful mentors network around you
  3. having planning skills and being able to visualize your goals & always reflecting on it
  4. networking, networking & networking, as this is one of the most important aspects to succeed as an entrepreneur. You will always need to network – either to position your business or to gain new business leads.
  5. The last thing, in my opinion, I would say is reading about anything that benefits one as an entrepreneur or enhances knowledge in their line of work.

Event planning & marketing are parts of a very competitive market. What do you think is the main trait a customer looks for?

Every customer deserves a premium value from the brands they trust. A proactive team will always seek new ideas to elevate the event or the marketing plan to harness their experience. The key component that matters is the ‘Return On Investment’ (ROI). Customers will always be eager to know what exactly they are getting in return for the investment they are paying and will mainly look for the quality of work being delivered. They will always cherish the way you make them feel.

What do you think are your societal responsibilities as the founder of a company?

It is one of our core commitments to do good for the society. We applaud the growing initiative of aligning the enterprise’s missions with social good programmes and have been positioning our services for relevant causes. As a responsible citizen and founder of a company, I undertake

  1. Contribute to the youth development & growth. We do that by offering free educational and networking workshops & events on a quarterly basis.
  2. support the young talents. We always provide our services at discounted rates to startups & support talents through a program we have called “MIEVENTO CONNECTORS” through which we connect talents with clients to work together.
  3. Also, we adopt one cause every year and raise awareness about it by sponsoring online.  In our maiden year, for example, we created awareness through a breast cancer campaign.  

Is there anything you weren’t aware of but have learnt/realized during your entrepreneurial journey?

Succeeding at entrepreneurship comes with starting the day and ending it with a constant attitude to learn. One has to embrace an open mindset with a vision to learn something from anywhere & everywhere.

I come from an Engineering background as I am a professional architect. Being an entrepreneur taught me a lot of things about financial management, business planning, marketing strategies & how to especially manage a team of very different talents and personalities.

Besides that, every day I explore new thing about myself; it is definitely an experience that strengthens my personality. I am proud of considerably progressing in time management and communication skills.

Who is a famous women entrepreneur in the region that inspires you?

While there are many women on an international level that I look up to, when I look closer to home, I am specifically inspired by a leading woman in Bahrain – Sonya Janahi. She is the owner of Maya chocolate and the drive with which she took a family business forward in an extremely competitive market is purely remarkable.

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